Masjid Awliya Is A New York Mosque Located Near Times Square


Noor Aishah Karim •  May 05, 2023

Looking for somewhere to pray at Times Square, New York? Thanks to this viral video by Badees Nouiouat, we found out that there’s a hidden mosque, Masjid Awliya, aka The Halal Food Cart Mosque, is located on 36th Street, and it’s one of the nearest mosques to Times Square.

Credit: Masjid Awliya of Allah (sunni mosque)

Masjid Awliya is located up the stairs and has a separate section for women. Do note that there isn't any wudhu area, so do arrive with wudhu beforehand. However, the video's comments mentioned an industrial kitchen sink at the back that you could use!

The stairs that lead up to the mosque.

Credit: Georgina Prentice on Google

This is the women’s praying area.

Credit: Badees Nouiouat

How to get there?

Get off the tram at 34th Penn Station and walk towards 8th Avenue and 36th Street, and you will come across a food truck garage. Walk straight in and turn left till you see two food trucks go past them, then you’ll see stairs to head up to the mosque.

Prayer Mats: Available

Prayer Garments: Available

Ablution area: Not Available

Separate areas for men and women: Yes

Opening Hours: The musollah is accessible 24/7 daily

Address: 36th Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue