Be A Boat Captain, Sleep On Water And More At Mandurah, Western Australia’s Rising Aquatic Gem


Qistina Bumidin •  Aug 04, 2022

Think Western Australia, and there’s no question that Perth comes to mind! Only a 4.5 hours flight away from Singapore and 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur, you’ll be treated to an endless list of picturesque beaches, delicious Muslim-friendly food, rich wildlife and more! ?

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But what if we told you that you could get all of these unique experiences - plus MORE, at a laidback pace with lesser crowds? ? If you’re wondering what we mean by ‘more’, here’s a little glimpse: operate your boat on turquoise waters, get up close with dolphins on jetskis, sleep on water (literally) - okay, we’ll stop here because we don’t want to spoil the fun! ? If this is your kind of travel, it’s time to pop out of the Perth bubble and explore Mandurah! ?

1. Be a boat captain for the day

Credit: Mandurah Boat Hire on Instagram

You heard that right, but don’t worry, you don’t need a license for this! ? Be a skipper for the day and explore Mandurah's glistening, calm waterways. It’s as intimate and relaxing as a vacation should be - just you and your special ones basking at the moment, with a picturesque view. There’s a variety of boats for you to choose from, which depends on the number of people to the level of luxury you wish to pamper yourselves with! ?

Credit: Mandurah Cruises on Instagram

While cruising down the waters, remember to look for local wildlife and Mandurah’s happiest residents, the bottlenose dolphins! ? Mandurah is home to one of the healthiest dolphin pods in the world, with a massive population of between 90 and 100 dolphins. No matter what time of the year you’re in Mandurah, you’re bound to spot one - say goodbye to long waiting times on boats and hands shaking from the weight of the camera waiting for the picture-perfect shot ? Check out this link for more information

Credit: Mandurah Cruises on Instagram

P.S. Your kids can even join in the fun too! Check out the junior helm, where they can steer the boat, use life-like controls and spot dolphins through the binoculars! Future captains in the making ?

2. Cook up a barbie on a boat

Credit: Tourism Western Australia

The quintessential Aussie experience ever - cooking up a barbie (Australian slang for barbeque) while you operate the boat! Commandeer one of Western Australia’s only doughnut-shaped 6 or 10-seater electric boats and be your captain as you cruise through Mandurah’s waterways ?

Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Enjoy a BBQ or a light picnic on board (it’s BYO! ?), with cooking equipment supplied, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the dining experience on the water ?Check out this link for more information! Muslim customers can arrange with the operators directly for your cooking equipment requirements during booking. Some operators may also offer disposable utensils for your perusal. 

3. Keep it hands-free and let the experts pamper you with a cruise

Credit: Mandurah Wild Seafood Experience

Sure, operating a boat, let alone having your BBQ onboard, sounds fun to some. But for others, vacations are pampering sessions meant to be free from anything too intense ? Fret not, though; Mandurah has got you covered with the ultimate cruise experience - dolphin watching, a fancy lunch from the seafood spot Cicerello’s, wild seafood catching and more! ?

Halal status of Cicerello’s: The restaurant isn't halal certified as there is alcohol served in the premises. However, Cicerello’s can cater to Muslim-friendly options (all grilled fish meals, crayfish, seafood chowder and items can be cooked in their vegetable oil fryers). Do dine with discretion. 

4. Get the adrenaline pumping with other water-based activities on site

Credit: Pirate Ship Mandurah on Instagram

If you’re still up for something a little more thrilling, why not hire a waterbike for 30 or 60 minutes and cycle alongside the dolphins! It’s easier than riding an actual bike, and you won’t even get wet! ? If you’re bringing your little ones along, Mandurah’s custom-built pirate ship offers a Pirates of the Caribbean-esque experience that’s simply unforgettable! Dress up in costume, take a turn behind the wheel and ring the ship’s bell as you embark on an interactive morning or afternoon cruise while marvelling at the breathtaking surroundings and wildlife ? Check out Pirate Ship Mandurah for more information! Mandurah Cruises also offer water-based activities like kayaking and jet skiing, so do check out what’s good for you and your loved ones! 

5. Take a dip in the new estuary pool that’s way bigger than Sydney Harbour

Credit: Visit Mandurah for Instagram

How big, you ask? Twice the size of Sydney Harbour! ? The newly opened Estuary Pool shares its habitat with local marine life, and now you! Located on the Eastern Foreshore, the pool features a floating jetty platform and is the perfect spot to cool down, meet, play and rest! The dream beach vacation? We think so! ?

6. Shop till you drop at their retail stores

Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Mandurah isn’t just known for its beautiful waters; it’s time to get your bags ready for a perfect day out with the family at Dolphin Quay! There are lots of goodies to discover – treat yourself or find a gift for somebody! Let the kids take their pocket money, as they’re sure to find something they like, too ? If the kids are getting a little restless, check out Keith Holmes Reserve, a shaded playground with quirky and unusual play equipment for young and older kids; perfect for letting their imagination run wild! You could also bring them to the water slides for a splashing fun time! Plus, you’ll be treated to unrestricted stunning views of the marina ? 

While there are no halal-certified cafes and restaurants in the vicinity, you can check out these halal eateries in other parts of Mandurah:

Indian Chilly Masala

Cuisine: Indian/Pakistani

Halal status: Offer halal options

Address: 14-16 Pinjarra Rd #5 Mandurah, WA, Australia 6210

Opening hours: 11am-2pm, 4.30pm-9pm (Tues-Sun), 11am-2pm (Mon)


Mandurah Kebab House

Cuisine: Turkish

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Address: 175 Mandurah Tce Shop 5, Mandurah, WA, Australia, Western Australia

Opening hours: 9am-9pm daily


7. Sleep on water, like literally

Credit: Tourism Western Australia

If you think floating villas are cool, wait till you hear about sleeping in a house-cum-boat in Mandurah ? Mandurah Houseboatsoffer accommodation for 2 to 10 guests, and you get to choose your houseboat adventure! You can choose to meander up the idyllic Murray River for a kayak session, or go fishing - it’s a chill vacation that’s a must on any travel bucket list ? Before moving into your new residence and embarking on your personal boating experience, you’ll learn everything there is to know about your boat, the water and places to visit. 

8. Catch your dinner 

Credit: Mandurah Crab Fest on Instagram

If there’s one thing you must know about Mandurah, they are well-known for their crabbing season in summer! Visit early in the morning or evening, and you can try your luck catching blue swimmer crabs from a boat or jetty using drop nets or wading into the shallows with long-handled scoop nets ? You don’t even need a license to do so, but there are some rules to follow; otherwise, it’s a fun family activity to bond over (with your meals settled, of course ?). Don’t worry if fishing isn’t your vacation idea; just pop by Cicerello’s for scrumptious seafood; blue swimmer crabs included! 

9. Take your kids to this miniature park

Credit: Amaze Miniature Park on Instagram

Mandurah isn’t all about the ocean fun, there’s a range of activities to check out on land too! Your kids will have endless fun at Amaze Miniature Park, a fifteen-minute drive east of the marina on the outskirts of Mandurah. It boasts 70 miniature replicas of historic parts of the United Kingdom, Germany and France, including the Eiffel Tower ?

Credit: Amaze Miniature Park on Instagram

Several interactive model trains, a 12-hole mini-golf course with seven different club sizes from toddler to adult, and a giant 1,000-square- metre hedge maze and playground will keep the kids occupied for hours! ?


10. Join a guided stargazing and nocturnal tour

Adventure doesn’t stop when the sun sets! Join naturalist guides as you learn about the night sky, or go for a spotlighting walk to discover Western Australia’s unique nocturnal animals. City slickers, you definitely can't miss out on the opportunity to stargaze ? Sit back and relax while you learn more about the wonders of our magnificent universe brightly lighted right in front of our eyes! Salt and Bush Tours also offer day tours of the wetlands  – on foot, in a kayak or on a sailboat - where you can observe waterbirds and wildlife in their natural habitats.

If you’re heading to Perth soon, why not switch up the itinerary and add a night or two in Mandurah? ? Whatever you decide to fill up your days with, rest assured, being surrounded by Mandurah’s pristine nature and glistening waters it’s the much-needed zen we crave in our vacation! You can always head to Tourism Western Australia’s website here to help you plan your ultimate Mandurah and Perth itinerary ?

Need a little more convincing? Nor Azura, a Singaporean woman living in Perth with her family, shares her experience boating around Mandurah’s scenic canals in the video below! 

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