4 Mamee Snacks That Can Bring Us Back To Our Childhood


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 11, 2022

If you grew up in Malaysia or Singapore, you’ve probably eaten Mamee Monster, the iconic Southeast Asian noodle snack. If you haven’t heard, the founder of the brand Pang Chin Hin has recently died at the age of 92. Mamee is best known for its colourful packets of crunchy, dry instant noodles, which are typically sold with savoury powdered flavouring. Even eating it now can bring us back to when we were kids. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see if these snacks would bring you back to your childhood!

Mamee Monster

Mamee Monster is Malaysia’s most beloved homegrown snack! All thanks to its famous big blue Monster, the face and the hero behind every wacky snack-o-vention. Some have likened the image of a furry blue cartoon character on its packaging to Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster too! Are you in the team crush the noodles or eat it whole?


Cheetos, who? Launched in 2008, this baked not fried corn snack is crafted for avid snackers that enjoy bursts of flavour. It is a cool tasty snack suitable for any occasion, so snack on it without the guilt! It was so satisfying to lick the crumbs off our fingers too!

Mister Potato

An awesome snack that's bursting with flavours and oh, so crave-able! This snack is more high-end when you’re a 12-year-old and have saved your week’s pocket money to enjoy it. It comes in different flavours sweet, salty and spicy this was worth saving money for!

Double Decker

Ooh, this one’s a classic! Did you know this was one of Mamee’s pioneer snacks that were launched in the 80s? It’s been a household name among Malaysians for decades! 

Nowadays, Mamee has evolved to be more than just a snack company. In recent years, they have introduced instant noodle brands, bakery goods, beverages and even Mamee Food Service! In remembrance of the founder, why not have one Mamee snack? Enjoy!