Meet The Malaysian Surgeon-In-Training Who Introduces Disposable Surgical Hijab In The UK


Cheng Sim •  Jan 03, 2021

Celebrating inclusivity in a workplace is important to foster understanding and togetherness in a multicultural society. It broadens our cultural perspectives and at the same time, inspire innovation for things we never knew we needed. If you're ready to start the year with some feel-good news, we have an inspiring story to share! ❤️

Credit: University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust on Facebook

In December 2019, Malaysian surgeon-in-training, Dr Farah Shaheera Roslan and her team developed disposable sterile headscarves for staff at the Royal Derby Hospital in the United Kingdom!

In an interview with Islam Channel, Farah shared her difficulties going to the operating theatres wearing a hijab as the headscarf may cause infection control issue. She also elaborated that this led to some Muslim women choosing not to go to operating theatres to learn. "You shouldn't need to choose between a specific career, for example, in surgery and having to wear a hijab. I thought why not go into something in between and that's how the idea of disposable surgical hijab came about."

While her intention was never to be a trailblazer, she felt making the first step will inspire more Muslim women and men to say, 'If she can, then maybe I can too.' ?

"Even if people can't relate to the [need for] disposable hijab, seeing a female Muslim figure in the surgical field will open more paths. It shows others that diversity exists and representation matters," Farah shared in the interview.

In the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton's newsletter, Farah thanked her mentor, Colorectal Surgeon Miss Tierney for introducing her to surgery and allowing her to pursue her dreams. "She is an inspiration to female leaders in healthcare, especially theatres. She has inspired me a significant amount," said Farah.

Miss Tierney also shared her thoughts on the need for disposable surgical hijab at the Royal Derby Hospital. "We know it's a quiet, silent, issue around theatres around the country and I don't think it has been formally addressed. It hasn't cost much and hopefully, the effect will be enormous."

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