Malaysian Brands You Can Support To Navigate Global Issues

42 Malaysian Brands That Are Worth Your Money To Support


Farah Fazanna •  Nov 14, 2023

In an increasingly interconnected world facing a multitude of global challenges, supporting local brands has taken on new significance. Let's explore a diverse array of local brands across various categories, from food and beverages to makeup and skincare, as well as household products. By discovering and supporting these local gems, we not only strengthen our local economies but also contribute to a more sustainable and self-reliant future in the face of global uncertainties.

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Malaysian brands to support

Local food and beverage brands to support

Gigi Coffee

Credit: Gigi Coffee

From coffee to burgers, here are some local F&B brands you can enjoy:

  1. BaskBear Coffee
  2. Gigi Coffee
  3. Zus Coffee
  4. Tealive
  5. Secret Recipe
  6. Ramly
  7. MyBurgerLab
  8. Marrybrown
  9. Wondermilk
  10. Sugarbun
  11. The Tapping Tapir
  12. Old Town White Coffee
  13. Mamee
  14. AmazinGrace
  15. Lazet

Local makeup and skincare brands to support


Credit: Gigi

  1. enya
  2. Handmade Heroes
  3. The Hive
  4. kefi
  5. Gigi
  6. Guardian
  7. so.lek
  9. cuura

Local fashion brands to support


Credit: Whimsigirl

  1. Petit Moi
  2. Hanya
  3. Hani Mokhta
  4. Whimsigirl
  5. Calaqisya
  6. Nelissa Hilman
  7. AnaAbu
  8. Shals
  9. Machino
  10. Nobat
  11. Nazifi Nasri
  12. Kulet
  13. Kecheek
  14. Pokoks

Local household products to support

Local household products to support

  1. Kuat Harimau
  2. glo
  3. Good Maid
  4. Bio Zip

As we conclude our exploration of these commendable local brands, remember that your choices as a consumer hold immense power. By consistently supporting these enterprises, you contribute to the growth of your community, foster sustainability, and create a positive impact in the face of global challenges. Choose local, choose resilience.