I Travelled With Malaysia Airlines A330-300 Business Class And Here's My Honest Review


Farah Fazanna •  Apr 14, 2023

I recently travelled to Sydney for an epic road trip in Sydney and beyond and had the chance to fly with Malaysia Airlines A330-300 in their Business Class cabin ? This was my first time in a Business Class so I was beyond excited! It was also an 8-hour red-eye flight so I was looking forward to sleeping like a baby.

If you're flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines, you'll also get a complimentary pass to their Golden Lounge at Kuala Lumpur International Airport before your flight! It was a bit hidden (located in the Satellite Building, after the immigration check) so it took me a few minutes to find it.

Here, you'll have access to comfy seats (perfect to get some rest!) and a buffet to fill up your tummy before your flight. There's a myriad of options, from local delights such as roasted chicken rice to salad to soups and fresh fruits. You can get hot drinks, juice and soft drinks too. The lounge is spacious with plenty of seats and there are power plugs for you to charge your electronics.

There are many perks of flying Business Class with Malaysia Airlines and one of them is priority boarding! That means there's plenty of time for you to settle in and make yourself comfy. And boy, didn't I take up that opportunity! For context: I'm a mum of a 3-year-old toddler and very rarely do I get a minute of silence so flying solo AND in a Business Class sound like heaven!

The "throne seats" are perfect for solo travellers

But first, let me get into the layout of the Business Class in Malaysia Airlines' Airbus A330-300. The layout of the Business Class cabin can appear confusing as rows alternate between a 1-2-1 and a 1-2-2 configuration. For solo travellers, the prized “throne seats” on the right side of the cabin provide the most space and privacy, while couples may prefer two seats placed together. The variety of seating options provides a choice for passengers with different preferences, but make sure to check the seat map carefully when selecting a seat! I chose seat 6G (one of the "throne seats") as I was travelling alone and it was perfect as there is plenty of space!

The seat is 22 inches wide, has a pitch of 44 inches and has a full-flat bed length of 78 inches. You can adjust the seat's firmness, and there's a retractable armrest for passengers with reduced mobility. Each seat comes with a work surface, mood lighting, personal stowage with mirror, phone and bottle holder and coat hook. There is a 115v AC PED power supply and USB 2.0 port.

You'll also be given a small pillow, a blanket and a seat cover. At first, I didn't know it was a seat cover so it took me a few minutes to see other people putting it over their seats ? Once I got settled in, the flight attendant offered me a cup of fresh juice and a cold towel. The trip is off to a good start!

The seat was able to be fully reclined so once the lights are switched off, I got ready for bed. The seat was a bit narrow, but I was able to sleep on my side. The best thing about my whole experience? There wasn't a baby in the cabin who'd cry the whole journey ? I don't think I ever had such a good sleep on a plane before!

The food in the Business Class was served on a white linen cloth. So fancy!

One of the best things about travelling in Business Class is, of course, the food! I've been reading about how you MUST try the famous Malaysia Airlines' satay so I was excited to try. It's served only on long-haul routes and has been served on board since 1973! The onboard dining is an experience itself as the food was served on white linen cloth (not in a tray like in Economy Class!). For the satay, there's an option for beef and chicken (I chose chicken). Served with chunky peanut sauce, rice cakes and cucumber slices, the satays are delicious and full of flavour. It even has the smoky after-taste that's a must in any satay! Fun fact: On busy days, Malaysia Airlines uplifts up to 17,000 sticks of satay, all of which are chargrilled by hand at the airlines´ catering facility in Kuala Lumpur!

For breakfast, you can choose from Malaysian and Western favourites as well as healthy choices. For starters, I had a fruit smoothie, yoghurt and fresh fruits. For the main courses, there's a choice of nasi lemak, stuffed crepe with scrambled eggs or mango and coconut-filled French toast. I went with the stuffed crepe, which came with smoked chicken sausage, roast potatoes, baked beans, spinach and vine-ripened tomatoes. It was certainly a filling breakfast that managed to hold me over the long lines of immigration at Sydney Airport ?

Overall experience

I'd be lying if my Business Class experience hasn't spoilt me. Long-haul flights are certainly made easier if you fly in Business Class. The spacious room? The reclining seat? The delicious, fancy food? Sign me up!