At Ramen Factory, you can have your cake and eat it too 😉 Or in this case, you can have your bowl of halal ramen and slurp it down! With no pork and alcohol ingredients used in their ramen dishes, you can tuck in to a hearty, authentic Japanese cuisine with ease.

Credit: Ramen Factory Kyoto on Facebook 

Be your own chef and put on your aprons 😊 Its the only eatery in the entire world that allows visitors to handmade their ramen – from the noodles, meat and broth! And the best part, they’re halal-certified!

Credit: Shin Miyazawa on Facebook

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Wheat, rice and miso (from fermented soybeans) are used in making the soup, while chicken meat and alcohol-free soy sauce are added to the pot for that extra oomph! You won’t have to worry if your food is truly halal, as you’re making it yourself 😊

Credit: Ramen Factory Kyoto on Facebook

At the same time, who knows, you may make a new friend or two and share your love for ramen 🍜

Credit: Ramen Factory Kyoto on Facebook 

Fret not if you aren’t exactly Gordon Ramsay 😅 The staff members are more than happy to help you along. After a tiring day of cooking, retreat to the prayer room, prettily designed in Japanese-style tatami. The prayer space separates the gents and ladies and they even provide a designated spot for you to take your ablution.

#HHWT Tip: Check with the staff on board for the prayer rooms’ opening hours, as they may differ by day.

Credit: ramenfactorykyoto on Instagram

Address: Higashiyama-ku, Honmachi 15-chōme, 814−18, Kyoto, Japan
Opening hours: 11AM to 7PM daily
Telephone: +81 75-741-7104
Website | Facebook

Udon know how much we love the sound of this eatery 😉 For all the ramen-tics out there who love a bowl of ramen, you’ll be hopelessly falling for this at first sip.

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