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Make Your Journey As A Muslim Traveller Easier With These 5 Free Mobile Apps


Atiqah •  Oct 11, 2016


“Say, [O Muhammad], ‘Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation…” (29:20) As much as we want to travel to all parts of the globe, every Muslim traveller would have faced the struggle of not knowing what the local prayer times are, tirelessly locating the nearest mosque/musollah or have spent the longest time debating if a meal is Muslim-friendly or not. Don’t worry our fellow Muslims, we face that too ?
Credit: giphy But thanks to modern technology, many of us are now fortunate enough to have access to such important information while on the go! To make it easier for you guys, we’ve compiled a list of 5 free mobile apps every Muslim traveller needs ?
1. HHWT Travel Planner
At HHWT, our mission is to inspire more Muslims to see the beautiful world our Lord has created. To make trip planning even easier for the Muslim travel community, we created the HHWT Travel Planner app!
Instead  of  relying  on  multiple  sources  to  find  information, travellers  can  easily  find  the best halal  eateries,  attractions  and nearby prayer spaces, all in one place! How convenient is that?? All you have to do is create your own trip on the app, save places of interest and bring your itinerary along with you. It’s that simple!
Under our tour function, travellers can select Muslim-friendly day tours in Japan and fun activities to do in Korea, thanks to our collaborations with Omakase Tours and Funtastic Korea ? With 6 cities on the app (Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Singapore and Hong Kong) currently, travellers can look forward to more destinations and exciting new features, such as adding their own reviews on the app. Download the app now on iTunes App Store and Google Play!
2. Muslim Pro
Used by millions of Muslims around the world, be rest assured that the information on this app is clear and up to date. Boosting a user friendly interface, you’ll be able to find out the local prayer times no matter where you are in the world!
Credit: anginsegar Don’t know the Qibla' direction? No worries! Just click on the built in Qibla’ locator and you’re good to go.  You’ll also be able to read the Holy Quran with audio recitations by multiple reciters and translations in different languages.  Pretty useful tool, isn’t it? Download the app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
3. Quran Companion by Quran Academy
Every Muslim desires to build a meaningful relationship with the Holy Quran but sometimes, we end up allowing time to pass us by. While you should enjoy that much deserved holiday, you can’t allow yourself to be side-tracked by temporary relaxation! So, for those who struggle with memorising surahs or lack the motivation to do so, this app is for you.
Credit: quranacademy With guided lessons to help you memorise the Surahs you want and fun recalling games, the Quran Companion is basically a pocket sized tutor that you can refer to at all times! Definitely suitable for both beginner and advanced readers ? Plus, what better way to pass the time with your travelling buddies than to memorise the Quran together? Your shared faith is not only reinforced but it’ll also help to deepen the friendships forged ❤ You can learn more about the app here or download it on iTunes App Store or Google Play.
4. AyahADay
A joint collaboration by Bayyinah Institute and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, the app prompts you to read and listen to an ayah together with its meaning and explanation from Ustadh Nouman himself.
Credit: ayahaday Complete with a sleek and minimalist user friendly design, you’ll receive daily timed notifications for the new Ayah of the day. Each audio clip is less than 5 minutes long, so it’s perfect for those long plane or train rides! Get the app on iTunes or Google Play.
5. Google Apps (Google Maps & Google Translate)
Google Maps
Ever heard the saying “Google is your best friend”? Because that’s definitely the truth ? When you’re helplessly lost in a foreign country and your one and only map has been taken away by the wind, Google Maps is here to save the day!
Credit: blackxperience With real-time transit info, you’ll never miss another bus or train again! If you’re on the road, beat the traffic with real-time navigation, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and traffic conditions. You can even download maps and use it offline! Available on iTunes App Store or Google Play.
Google Translate
But what’s worse than getting lost in an unfamiliar country? Not understanding the language! Language barriers are the banes of every traveller’s existence but with this handy app, you’ll get the translation in real time ?
Credit: Pana Don’t know what a sign is saying? Use your camera for instant text translation! If your camera can’t detect it, you can instead draw characters or letters with your fingers and let the app do the translating for you. Available on iTunes App Store or Google Play. These innovative and incredibly helpful apps truly make the travelling journey that much easier ? Did we miss out on your favourite travelling app? Let us know in the comments below ?