Uncover Macao’s Iconic Sights With This Muslim-Friendly 4D3N Itinerary


Shasha Dania •  Jan 16, 2020

Before we arrived in Macao, we thought the city was just luxury resorts. ? But our trip proved us wrong and we learnt so much about Macao’s rich and varied heritage, as well as the halal food scene that’s emerged over the last few years! Macao is more than its luxury resorts, and if you’re thinking of exploring somewhere new and different in 2020, you’ll enjoy visiting this unique city where east meets west.

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If you’re planning your trip to Macao and aren’t sure where to start, this 4D3N itinerary will help you uncover the best parts of the city. Let’s go! ?

Useful Information

Macao’s islands

  • Macao is made up of the Macao Peninsula (connected to Mainland China), Taipa, Coloane, and COTAI which is reclaimed land. The Macao Peninsula is where the Historic Centre of Macao is located, whereas the COTAI strip is full of high-end and luxury resort hotels such as the famous Venetian Macao. Taipa and Coloane have several historic buildings and are a more traditional part of Macao showcasing the Portuguese influence.
  • For a convenient first-timer’s introduction to the city, check out our Muslim-friendly guide for all that you need to see, eat, and do in Macao!


  • Within each island, many major attractions are within walking distance of each other. However, there are also bus services that can take you within and across the islands. Bus tickets are a flat fare of MOP6 per ride but do note that some inter-island bus journeys may take a longer time so include some buffer time into your itinerary!

  • Taxis are everywhere in Macao, but it can be difficult to flag one down on the street. Look out for taxi stands that are indicated with signage or find the nearest hotel and ask if they can book a taxi for you. Some tourist maps of Macao may also indicate where selected taxi stands are.
  • If you’re planning to visit Taipa and the COTAI strip you’ll be excited to know that Macao’s Light Rail Transit has finally opened! The 11 stations include the Macao International Airport, Taipa Ferry Terminal, as well as Taipa village and the COTAI integrated resorts. Check out more information here especially if you’re planning to stay in Taipa or COTAI! Prices start from must MOP6 for an Adult ticket.

Language and currency

  • Macao’s street signs are in English, Portuguese, and Mandarin but many of the locals speak mostly Cantonese or Mandarin.
  • #HHWT Tip: Before you arrive, print or save all locations and addresses in Mandarin and English - this will come in handy if you’re trying to tell the taxi driver your destination!
  • All prices are stated in Macao Pataca (MOP) which can be used interchangeably with Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). Some shops may also accept Chinese RMB - this will be indicated with a sign at the shopfront. Based on currency exchange rates on 14 January 2020, HKD100 ~ SGD17.33 ~ MYR52.23 ~ IDR175583.40

Day 1: Arrive in Macao

Fly directly to Macao (no transfers!)

  • Before this trip, we had no idea Macao had an airport of its own. ? The most common way to reach Macao is via ferry from Hong Kong, but you can fly directly there from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur (KL). There are no direct flights to Macao from Jakarta but you can transit at Singapore or KL.
  • You can fly on Scoot from Singapore, or on AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu. The flight is roughly 4 hours long.

Travel to your hotel (30 - 50 minutes)

  • From the airport, you can either take a taxi or bus to your hotel. For this itinerary, we’ve included a hotel that’s on the Macao Peninsula. Our taxi ride from the airport to the hotel was roughly 25 minutes long, and cost between MOP85-105 depending on the time of day.
  • Alternatively, you can take bus service MT4 from T356 Aeroporto de Macau to M125 Auto-Silo Pak Kong. The ride is 22 stops long and is roughly 40-50 minutes. The cost is just MOP6 despite the distance so if you’re on a budget this is a great way to cut costs!

Check into your hotel

  • Macao has a range of accommodations from high-end luxury resorts to small boutique hotels and apartments. Do check ahead of time if the place can accommodate strollers, wheelchairs, or mobility aids as many of the buildings on the Macao Peninsula are quite old.
  • We stayed at the Caravel Hotel during our trip, and the location was very convenient! ? We were within 10-15 minutes’ walking distance of major attractions such as the Ruins of St Paul, Lou Kau Mansion, and Mount Fortress. The service was also really good, and the rooms had all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.
  • Do note that the hotel offers free breakfast at the Singaporean-themed cafe next door for all guests. The restaurant is not halal-certified, and the vegetarian option would be the kaya toast served with a hard-boiled egg. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Walk to Loulan Islam Restaurant for dinner (2 - 2.5 hours)

  • Loulan is a Muslim-owned eatery that specializes in Xinjiang cuisine. The restaurant is great for solo diners as well as large groups, and their dishes left us feeling super full and fuelled up for the day ahead. ? Signature dishes include the Leg of Lamb (requires pre-order 3 days in advance), Deep-Fried/Braised Lamb Chops, and Stir-Fried Spiced Beef/Lamb.

  • We recommend getting the Potato and Beef Stewed in Soy Sauce. The beef was tender and soft, and the gravy was rich without being too greasy. ?The Xinjiang Milk Tea was also quite sweet and had a unique salty taste to it. Definitely different from other milk tea we’ve had at home!
  • There’s also a prayer space available upstairs upon request, so you can do your prayers after you eat.

Halal Status: Muslim-owned. The menu includes a fermented Xinjiang grape drink, but no other alcohol is included or used anywhere in the menu. A prayer space is available upon request but do bring your own prayer mats and garments.

Average Price: MOP80 (Rice/noodles), MOP70-300 (Dishes)

Opening Hours: Open daily; 9AM – 11PM

Address: Rua do Teatro (澳門大碼頭街)

Directions: Walk 10-15 minutes from Caravel Hotel to the restaurant.

Contact: +853 2853 0264

Check out the atmosphere at Senado Square (1 - 1.5 hours)

  • Senado Square is accessible all day, but we recommend going during the evening or night time to soak in the atmosphere! We were there during the year-end festive season and every evening the square came alight with installations and lights. ?
  • The square is one of the largest public spaces in Macao and it’s where some of the biggest public events take place year-round. During seasonal events such as the end of the year and Chinese New Year, there’s an added layer of festivity as you might get to see festivals or parades take place!

Directions: Walk 5-10 minutes from Loulan Islam Restaurant.

End the night with sweet dessert at Qin Kee (30 - 45 minutes)

  • Macao’s food scene has a mix of influences, and for a taste of traditional Cantonese-style Chinese desserts, we definitely recommend visiting this roadside stall. Qin Kee Dessert (勤記糖水, also known as Qin Ji Dessert) serves Cantonese-style dessert ‘soups’ made from ground sesame, red bean, bean curd, and peanut pastes. You can also add tang yuan which are glutinous rice balls with peanut or sesame filling.
  • Despite its humble appearance, Qin Kee is well-known amongst locals and visitors alike. Getting to sit by the roadside and dig into our dessert reflected how Macao isn’t just fancy luxury resorts, but a down-to-earth city with local experiences to seek out too.

  • We tried out ground sesame paste with tang yuan. The paste was smooth and creamy and was sweet without being overly saccharine. The tang yuan was also so soft and chewy - as a bonus, it was nice and hot which felt great in the cool evening time!

Halal Status: Vegetarian-friendly. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: MOP13

Opening Hours: Open daily; 3PM – 1AM

Address: Shalitou Seaside Street, R. da Ribeira do Patane (Macao, 澳門沙梨頭海邊街沙梨頭海邊巷)

Directions: Walk 12-15 minutes from Senado Square.

Day 2: Explore the Macao Peninsula

See the city from the top of Mount Fortress (30 - 45 minutes)

  • Start your day with a bird’s eye view of the city. Mount Fortress (also called Monte Fort) was built between 1617-1626 and used to be the heart of Macao’s defence network during Portuguese rule. It was demilitarized in 1976 but the historic cannons are still there - great for a photo spot!
  • The top of the fort now houses a garden as well as the Macao Museum and is an open space to take a breather in the city. You can find locals doing tai chi in the morning, or just enjoying the view of the city over the fortress walls.

See the famous Ruins of St Paul (30 - 45 minutes)

  • Climb down from Mount Fortress to reach one of Macao’s most famous sights: The Ruins of St Paul’s! The ruins used to be part of a large 15th-century church, but several fires throughout the years have left only the façade standing.
  • The facade is full of symbolism from both Eastern and Western traditions, and the motifs include Portuguese ships, Chinese lions, biblical imagery, and even chrysanthemum flowers. Snapping a photo here is a must-do for any visitor to Macao! You can also take a short walk through the exhibits in the crypt, which include some rare Christian relics and remains.
  • #HHWT Tip: Arrive before 9AM to avoid the crowds if you want to get a photo alone with the ruins. Tour groups can arrive as early as 8AM, but they usually leave after 15-20 minutes so just be patient and check out the intricate symbolism and details on the ruins while you wait for the perfect window to snap your picture. ?

Snap a romantic picture at Travessa da Paixão (10 - 30 minutes)

  • Macao’s East-meets-West charm can be seen in the many European-style buildings across its streets and alleys. The Travessa da Paixão is a popular photo spot for its pink pastel building which has a romantic feel. ?

  • Another photo angle in this street is capturing the Ruins of St Paul in the background! We even came across a couple having their wedding photoshoot here. The street can get quite busy when the weather is good, so if you want to get a shot without anyone else around make sure to arrive by 10AM.

Pose with street art at Calcada do Amparo and Patio de Chon Sau (15 - 30 minutes)

  • From Travessa da Paixão, it’s just a short walk away to Calçada do Amparo. Macao is full of old buildings, and many of them have been rejuvenated and refurbished to keep up with the times!

  • Calçada do Amparo and its surrounding streets such as Patio de Chon Sau have been decorated with murals and street art installations and transformed into a chic place to grab a coffee, do some shopping, and snap some amazing shots. ?

  • If you plan to take photos with the street art, arrive around 10AM as the streets will only get really crowded after the shops open after 11AM.
  • Do note that none of the eateries in the area are halal-certified, but some cafes sell only coffee and other drinks. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Head to Loly Indonesian Restaurant for lunch (1.5 - 2 hours)

  • After working up an appetite, it’s time to have some delicious Indonesian cuisine for lunch. ? Loly is a family-owned restaurant that’s a popular spot for the local Indonesian Muslim community. The owner’s wife is an Indonesian Muslim, which is why all of the dishes taste so authentic!

  • Make sure to order their Ayam Bakar, which comes with some of the spiciest and tastiest sambal we’ve ever had. Their extensive menu even includes dishes such as Belut Penyet (Spicy Fried Eel), Paru, Sate and more. The restaurant can get a little cramped once it gets too full, but it’s really cosy which made us feel right at home!
  • You can also request to do your prayers on their 2nd level, and there is a washroom on the ground floor you can take wudhu (ablution) in.

Halal Status: Muslim-owned. A prayer space is available upon request but do bring your own prayer mats and garments.

Average Price: MOP38-50 (Mains)

Opening Hours: 12PM – 9PM (Tues-Sun), closed on Mondays. They may open later on selected days, do check their Facebook page for updates on your day of visit.

Address: 33 Rua da Erva, Edificio Pek Hoi Kok (青草街4O號A地下)

Directions: From Patio de Chon Sau, walk to bus stop M133 Rua das Estalagens (2 minutes away) and take bus service 18 to M201 Praca Luis Camoes (2 stops). From M201, transfer to bus service 26 and travel to M119 Cinema Alegria (2 stops). The restaurant is a 5-minute walk away.

Contact: +853 2855 7318


Be awed by the Mandarin’s House (45 minutes - 1 hour)

  • After lunch, it’s time to visit the southern end of the Macao Peninsula to see even more historic sights. Mandarin’s House was built in 1869 and is the former residence and family home of Qing-dynasty theoretician and reformist Zheng Guanying. It’s one of the largest traditional family houses in Macao, with over 60 rooms!
  • If you’re looking for a memorable shot here, make sure to take one at the Moon Gate at the entrance.

  • Visitors can walk through the different rooms to marvel at the mix of traditional Cantonese and Western design elements. Some of the rooms even include artefacts such as books and shelves to show what it looked like decades ago. You can also play around with the narrow corridors and windows for a unique photo that captures the decor of the building!

Opening Hours: 10AM - 6PM (Thurs-Tues, last entry 5.30PM), closed on Wednesdays

Address: No. 10, Travessa de António da Silva

Directions: Take bus service 26 from M119 Cinema Alegria to M113 Alm. Lacerda/Mercado Vermelho (1 stop). From M113, walk to M111 Jardim Cheong Meng. From M111, transfer to bus service 16 and travel to M166 Rua da Penha (8 stops). Mandarin’s House is a 10-minute walk away.

Visit the historic A-Ma Temple (45 minutes - 1 hour)

Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office

  • Macao is a city that’s full of historic sites, but the A-Ma Temple is definitely one of the grandest and oldest spots in the city. Located 15-20 minutes’ walk away from Mandarin’s House, it was even around before the city of Macao itself! In fact, ‘Macao’ is said to have come from the Chinese name for the Bay of A-Ma where the temple is located.

Credit: Macao Government Tourism Office

  • The temple consists of several buildings, and the deities come from Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Chinese folk beliefs reflecting Macao’s rich and diverse heritage. The buildings themselves have beautiful features such as emerald green tiles, imposing stone lions, and a moon gate at the entrance.

Opening Hours: Open daily; 7AM - 6PM

Treat yourself to Beijing-style steamboat at Dong Lai Shun (2 - 3 hours)

  • Dong Lai Shun is a restaurant chain from Beijing that specializes in halal Beijing-style steamboat. Their steamboats use distinctive copper pots boiled over hot charcoal, and they’re known for their generous servings of beef and lamb meat. ?

  • We loved getting to mix our own condiments using chillies, garlic, oyster sauce and more. Do note that there is a condiment referred to as ‘XO sauce’ but it is a seafood-based sauce that does not contain any alcohol.
  • #HHWT Tip: The big pot comes with 2 soups and is great for groups of 2-4 people. We recommend the spicy Ma La soup to add a delicious kick to your meal!

Halal Status: Halal-certified by Incorporated Trustees Of The Islamic Community Fund Of Hong Kong. Alcoholic drinks (e.g. beer) are served per local traditions but not alcohol is used in any of the food or drinks prepared by the restaurant.

Average Price: Individual pot starting from MOP38 (Small) and MOP128 (Big). Mains average between MOP100-MOP300 (Meat).

Opening Hours: Open daily; 11AM - 3AM

Address: G/F, Kuong Fai Medical and Rehabilitation Centre, 484 R. Cidade de Coimbra, Alameda Dutor Carlos d'Assumpção (宋玉生廣場(皇朝)科英布拉街484號光輝醫療康復中心地下)

Directions: Take bus service 28B from M203 Templo A-Ma to M158 Rua de Pequim/Holiday Inn (10 stops). The restaurant is a 10-minute walk away.

Contact: +853 2875 5705

Day 3: Day out at Taipa Village and the Cotai Strip

See another side of Macao at the Taipa Houses Museum (1 - 1.5 hours)

  • On the southern end of the Macao peninsula is Taipa island. One of the newer tourist spots in Macao, the area has an old-world charm to it thanks to the European-style houses and buildings across it. Taipa Village itself can get quite bustling as there are shops and cafes there, but the surrounding area is more scenic and tranquil.
  • The Taipa Houses (also known as the Taipa Houses-Museum) are a set of 5 pastel-coloured buildings that have been restored to reflect the lifestyles of early 20th-century Portuguese families in Macao. Entrance is free so you can go into each house and see a different side of traditional Portuguese life.
  • They’re also great as a photo backdrop! We rented out a traditional Portuguese costume for the afternoon to up our photo game. ? There are also options for families and couples so you can take a unique and commemorative photo as a souvenir of your trip!

Opening Hours: 10AM - 7PM (Tues-Sun, last entry 6.30PM), closed on Mondays

Address: Avenida da Praia, Taipa

Getting there: Take bus service 33 from M125 Auto-Silo Pak Kong to T319 Piscinas Do Carmo (8 stops).

Grab lunch at the Blissful Carrot (30 minutes - 1 hour)

  • We were surprised to find out that Macao has a range of Muslim-friendly eateries across its islands, including an increasing number of vegetarian and vegan eateries!
  • The Blissful Carrot is located nearby the Taipa Houses Museum and serves up plant-based dishes ranging from all-day brunch fare to fusion delights.

  • We ordered the All-Day Brekkie Gluten-Free Pancakes and Asian Fried Rice. The pancakes were soft and sweet and came with a serving of fresh fruits. The stir-fried rice was cooked with brown rice - but it was fluffy and tasted amazing! We can definitely understand why it’s the locals’ favourite. ?
  • The eatery is takeaway only but there is a small corner in the restaurant where you can sit (if space is available). If there isn’t space in the restaurant, we recommend heading back to the pond near the Taipa Houses Museum to take in the scenic view while you fuel up!

Halal Status: Only vegetarian options, with some vegan options. Meat by-products used include cheese, but it can be requested to be removed or replaced with vegan cheese. No meat or alcohol used in any of the dishes.

Average Price: MOP70-120 (Mains)

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM - 8PM

Address: Shop B, G/F., Goio Fai Kok, 79A R Direita Carlos Eugenio, Vila de Taipa (氹仔舊城區施督憲正街79A高輝閣地下B舖)

Getting there: Walk 5-10 minutes from the Taipa Houses Museum.

Contact: +853 6298 8433

Facebook | Instagram

Shop at Cunha Bazaar (1 - 2 hours)

  • If you’re looking for souvenirs to bring back home, then Taipa Village’s Cunha Bazaar is the place to be! This 3-storey building is a lifestyle, co-op, and souvenir shop all at once selling all kinds of quirky Macao-themed souvenirs. The building’s exterior is a popular photo spot for its tall and colourful mural too.

  • Look out for the Soda Panda character merchandise across the 1st floor. The Soda Pandas were created by a local artist in 2010, and have become a cute ‘unofficial’ mascot for Macao ever since. You can find Soda Panda plushies, travel pillows, shirts, and more here.

  • More typical souvenirs such as magnets, coasters, notebooks and more can also be found across the other floors of Cunha Bazaar. We liked these magnets that are based on the iconic blue-and-white street signs across Macao!
  • Do note that the ground floor of Cunha Bazaar sells food products. We did not see any halal-certified products and recommend you check any ingredients list before considering purchasing.

Opening Hours: Open daily; 9.30AM - 10PM

Address: Rua do Cunha No. 33-35 R/C Taipa, Macao (澳門氹仔官也街33號至35號地下)

Getting there: 5-10 minute walk from the Blissful Carrot.

Grab a snack at Cunha Street (1 - 1.5 hours)

  • Cunha Bazaar is situated at the end of Cunha Street. This street is unofficially known as Macao’s ‘food street’ for its small roadside eateries and cafes. You can try local snacks such as Portuguese egg tarts, Serradura (sawdust) cake, Serradura pudding and more along this short stretch. ?

  • We definitely had to try the Portuguese Egg Tart from Lord Stow’s Bakery while we were here! Based on the Portuguese Pastéis de Nata, it was introduced to Macao by Andrew Stow in the 1980s. His recipe has now become famous in Macao and abroad, and while many other stores produce their own versions Lord Stow’s is the original.
  • Many stores that produce it use lard as an ingredient, but we were informed that Lord Stow’s Bakery uses butter instead of lard. ? The egg tart definitely needs to be eaten when it’s freshly made and piping hot – the custard was soft and creamy, and the crust was so soft and flaky! The Crème Brulee-like appearance comes from the milk protein being caramelised, and those extra-sweet spots made it the perfect mid-day snack.

Halal Status: Lord Stow’s egg tarts are made with vegetarian-friendly ingredients and are made in a separate facility from Lord Stow’s other products. Do note that Lord Stow’s does make meat-based pastries at its other facilities. We recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: MOP10

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM – 9PM

Address: Rua do Cunha, 9-E, Edificio Pak Hung, G/F, Taipa, Macau

Contact: +853 2857 6580

Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • We also tried out Serradura cake (also known as sawdust cake) at Bitter Sweet a few shops down from Lord Stow’s. Serradura is a local dessert which originated in Portugal but has become popular and widespread in Macao.
  • Serradura can be found in cake, pudding, and ice cream versions. The cake that we had was so soft that it melted in our mouths, with an added crunchiness thanks to the crushed biscuits. ?

Halal Status: Serradura cake is typically made with condensed milk, thick or whipping cream, and crushed Marie biscuits. Individual shops may make them in different flavours such as chocolate, coffee, or green tea. We recommend you ask the shopkeeper for information on the ingredients and dine at your own discretion.

Average Price: MOP40-60

Opening Hours: Open daily; 11AM - 8PM

Address: 92 Rua do Cunha, Vila de Taipa (氹仔舊城區官也街92號)

Take a trip to Paris at the Parisian Macao (2 - 3 hours)

  • From Cunha Bazaar, you’re just a short walk away from the Cotai strip which is where Macao’s luxury resorts hotel are located! The Parisian Macao is themed after Paris in France, and the lush decor will make you feel like you’re at the Palace of Versailles. ? The Parisian Macao is even known for its scale replica of the famous Eiffel Tower!
  • The tower is half the height of the one in France, and you can even pay a fee to go up to the observatories on the 7th and 37th floors (hotel guests get free entrance to the 7th-floor observatory).
  • We had a chance to visit the 37th-floor observatory and though the winter wind was freezing cold, being able to see the Cotai strip hotels from a bird’s eye view made it a worthwhile experience. ?

Ticket Prices (Eiffel Tower Observatory): MOP108 (Adults), MOP87 (Children age 12 or under), MOP312 (Family - 2 Adults + 2 Children). Admission fee includes access to both observatories.

Opening Hours: Open daily; 11AM - 11PM (Last entry 10.30PM, hours may differ during inclement weather)

Location: L5, Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop 550 (Same wing as the main entrance)

Contact: +853 8111 2768 / +853 8111 2763

Ride a gondola through the canals of the Venetian Macao (2 - 3 hours)

  • Right next door to the Parisian is another landmark hotel along the Cotai strip: the Venetian Macao! Themed after Venice in Italy, stepping into the hotel feels like entering a whole new world. The interior is decorated with canals and shops, and the hotel uses soft lighting to make you feel like you’re outdoors. ?
  • You can go on their signature gondola ride, accompanied by a gondolier who will explain a brief history of gondolas in Venice. Each boat can seat up to 6 passengers so the whole family can enjoy the ride! The gondoliers are also trained to sing 6 famous Italian songs including O Sole Mio and the operatic Santa Lucia. ?
  • The Venetian is also one of the largest collections of duty-free shopping outlets in Macao ranging from top-notch luxury brands such as Moschino and CHANEL to high street names like Furla and Kate Spade New York. If you’re planning on stocking up on some high-quality goods this is the place to be!

Ticket Prices (Gondola): From MOP138 (Adult) and MOP98 (Child) on Klook. Tickets can also be bought on the spot at Boutique di Gondola (Shop 832) and Emporio di Gondola (Shop 891) however we recommend pre-purchasing them as they may run out during peak periods.

Opening Hours: Open daily; 11AM - 10PM (Grand Canal and Marco Polo routes), 11AM - 7PM (San Luca route)

Location: L5, Eiffel Tower Souvenir Shop 550 (Same wing as the main entrance)

Contact: +853 8111 2768 / +853 8111 2763

Dinner at the Golden Peacock (2 - 3 hours)

  • End your day with a truly memorable meal of 1 Michelin-starred halal dishes at the Golden Peacock! North Indian cuisine was elevated beyond our expectations here. Every bite had lots of complex layers of flavour and taste to it, and we were rendered speechless by how good some of the dishes were.
  • Our favourite was by far the Kandari Murgh Tikka, which was one of the best chicken tikka I’ve ever had. The meat was tender and smokey, and the slight heat of the spices was balanced with the sweetness of the pomegranate seeds. ? The service was also amazing and it’s an experience every foodie should definitely strike off their bucket list! ?

Halal Status: Halal-certified by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. There is a bar serving alcoholic drinks but there is no alcohol used in any of the dishes or drinks on the menu.

Average Price: MOP108-MOP428 (Mains)

Opening Hours: Open daily; 11AM – 3PM, 6PM – 11PM (Last entry 10.15PM, last order 10.30PM)

Address: The Venetian Macao, Level 1, Shop 1037

Contact: +853 8118 9696


Day 4: Shopping and leaving Macao

Shop for souvenirs at Rua da Felicidade (2 - 3 hours)

  • Haven’t finished all of your shopping yet? You’ll want to visit the small shops along Rua da Felicidade to see what you’ve missed out! ? Previously serving as the red-light district of the city, the area has been cleaned up and renovated into a semi-pedestrianized spot for snacks and souvenirs.
  • The main street has been used as movie sets for hits such as 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', and inns at the end of the street were even used for Wong Kar Wai’s 'In The Mood For Love'.
  • #HHWT Tip: Most of the shops here only open after 11AM, but if you want to take a closer look at the bright red doors before the crowd comes, arrive around 9AM.

Getting there: 6-10 minute walk from the Caravel Hotel.

  • We stopped by Loja Das Conservas, a local outlet of a Portuguese brand that imports canned fish from Portugal! Canned fish may sound a bit simple, but we were surprised to find out that it’s considered an important part of Portuguese cuisine. The brands here are even seen as gourmet versions of canned fish, with some having closely guarded recipes!

  • We tried some of the fish - and it tasted so different from the canned fish we can find in the local supermarket back home! ? There were just so many flavours available, with all types of seafood including mackerel, squid, octopus and more.
  • P.S. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, the colourful cans are a gorgeous backdrop to snap a photo with. ?

Halal Status: Most of the products contain just seafood, olive oil, and spices and any additional ingredients such as alcohol are clearly marked out on the ingredients list. Do note that none of the products are halal-certified and we recommend you check the ingredients list and purchase at your own discretion. Alcoholic beverages are also sold in the shop, but the shop does not produce any drinks of its own.

Opening Hours: 11AM - 8PM (Sun-Thurs), 11AM - 9PM (Fri-Sat)

Address: Travessa do Aterro Novo No. 9 - 新填巷9號(近新馬路北京水餃)


Lunch at Sambal Jawa Indonesian Restaurant (1.5 - 2 hours)

  • Time for your last meal in Macao - delicious Indonesian food! ? Sambal Jawa is one of the latest additions to Macao’s halal food scene and is a Muslim-owned eatery serving up ayam penyet, nasi goreng, sayur asem and more.
  • We got the classic ayam penyet topped with lots of chilli - and it didn’t disappoint! The chilli was sour and spicy and was the perfect touch. Don’t forget to try some of their sweet fruit juices too.
  • Best of all, it’s just a few minutes away from the Caravel Hotel so you can drop by for a yummy meal before leaving for the airport!

Halal Status: Muslim-owned

Average Price: MOP55

Opening Hours: Open daily; 11AM - 11PM (Check their Facebook for closure updates)

Address: Rua Da Terecena No. 9 Warison R/C Macao (澳門果欄街9號威信大廈地下A座)

Getting there: Walk 7-10 minutes from Rua da Felicidade. The restaurant is 3-5 minutes walk from the Caravel Hotel.

Contact: +853 2870 3133


And there you have it - some of Macao’s most iconic sights in just 4 days! We learnt so much about Macao during our trip - like the fact that there are Muslim-owned and Muslim-friendly eateries all around the city, and there’s more to it than just luxurious resorts! We hope that this itinerary helps you start planning your own Macanese adventure, and if you need more ideas make sure to check out our Muslim-friendly guide to Macao for first-timers. ?

This article is brought to you by the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO).