JUST IN: LUSH Cosmetics Is Finally Coming To Malaysia


Nasreen Nasir •  Jul 13, 2018

Good news, Malaysians! ? UK’s famous LUSH Cosmetics is FINALLY coming to Malaysia, and we’re super excited about it. ?

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The announcement came about when a viral tweet claimed that LUSH was recruiting employees in Malaysia and one of the UK representatives immediately confirmed that it is indeed making its way to us! ??

Credit: @lushoxfordstreet on Instagram

If you’re still clueless about LUSH, it’s a cosmetics retailer with natural products that are 100% vegan, environmental friendly and our favourite part - cruelty-free! That means their products are Muslim-friendly as well. ?

Credit: @lushoxfordstreet on Instagram

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only info that we have for now. Currently, there isn’t any official announcements on the opening date, prices and location but we think it’ll definitely be around Central KL, at least.

Credit: @lushoxfordstreet on Instagram

For many LUSH lovers, it’s not just its commendable policy, but the products are so vibrant and aromatic that you can’t just get enough of!

Credit: Lush Cosmetics North America on Facebook

Just to name a few, LUSH has an array of unique products and it’s most popular for the bath bombs! ? While there isn’t any set of words about the products that they’ll be releasing in Malaysia, we hope we can get our hands on these beauties:

1. Bath bombs

Credit: LUSH Cosmetics North America on Facebook

As you all may know now, LUSH is the mother of all bath bombs. ? If you don’t know what it is, it’s a round, fizzing treat for your bath tub. What’s special about it is it’s 100% handmade, innovative and super beautiful! They come in many designs too, so you can enjoy a good soak in kaleidoscopic colours.

2. Face masks

Credit: @lushoxfordstreet on Instagram

It’s true that you can find face masks everywhere, even at the over-the-counter pharmacy but what makes LUSH face masks super special? Well believe it or not, the masks are made of fresh fruits, butters and essential oils - sounds good right? We think so too! So forget all the chemical face masks and go organic instead!

3. Shower jellies

Credit: @lushoxfordstreet on Instagram

Now maybe many of you may now know what shower jellies are? Is it edible? To tell you the truth, no, it’s not (sorry!) ? Think of gels, but for your body! These things are so amazing that stocks are running low every time! ? Made out of a carrageenan seaweed base, the shower jellies are packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like fruits! Can you imagine the nice smell?

Credit: @lushoxfordstreet on Instagram

While we 100% agree that these products will be launched in Malaysia, we’re still keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll be spoilt with plenty of other choices too! It’s almost time to say goodbye to those times when you need to travel outside of Malaysia to get LUSH. So if you’re as excited as we are, stay tuned for more updates and we hope that it’ll be launched soon! ??