This All-In-One Projector With Netflix & YouTube Transforms Your Room Into An Amazing Home Cinema


Ili •  Oct 29, 2020

It’s no secret that in 2020, staying home is the new going out. Finding ways to keep ourselves entertained without leaving the house can be tricky, especially if you’re someone who loves going to the cinema to watch films. But what if we told you there’s a way you can recreate that same vibe right in the comfort of your own home? That’s right! Say hello to the LUMOS Auro Projector that’s ready to give your HDB an immersive movie theatre experience with large screens, Dolby surround sound system and more  ?

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Watch high definition movies on a large screen with a Dolby surround sound system

Credit: LUMOS Projector

For those living in smaller spaces, you might believe that it’s impossible to properly enjoy a cinematic experience at home. Well we think otherwise because with the LUMOS Auro Projector, all you need is a distance of around 3 metres from the wall where the screen will be projected and you’ll get an impressive 100-inch display. And you don’t have to worry about grainy projections since the device boasts 6,000 lumens, providing vivid colours even in low light conditions. Plus, its 1080p native resolution (a Blu-Ray movie standard) will make your viewing experience all the more exciting!

As if these weren’t good enough, there’s also an in-built Dolby surround sound system that’s powerful enough without needing any additional speakers. Whether you’re watching battle scenes from the Avengers or Indiana Jones’ many adventurous escapes, it’ll feel like you’re right in the thick of the action!

Access your favourite films and TV shows on Netflix and YouTube 

Credit: LUMOS Projector

Even if you’re not a cinemagoer and prefer watching TV shows from the comfort of your bed, the projector can perfectly fulfill your binge-watching needs thanks to its in-built Netflix and YouTube apps. Accessible via Android OS, you can easily connect and navigate through them without any problems. So not only do you get to catch up on all the latest Korean dramas but having the projector also means the chance to see your favourite ‘oppa’ in action, cinema-style ?

Play fun mobile games and connect with friends over Zoom

Credit: LUMOS Projector

On days when you don’t feel like watching movies or shows, go ahead and make use of the LUMOS Auro Projector’s other cool feature, the wireless mirror casting. It essentially mirrors your phone screen onto the wall and this allows you to play mobile games, throw a karaoke party using Spotify, and even connect with friends over Zoom!

Minimal and sleek design that makes your living space look cooler

Credit: LUMOS Projector

Beyond its outstanding functions, the design of the projector is another thing to admire. So if you’re someone who likes to have their aesthetics on point, then you’ll definitely appreciate the minimal and sleek look of the LUMOS Auro Projector. No matter where you have the projector set up, whether in the living room or bedroom, it’ll blend seamlessly into your living space and give your home that premium look.

Raving 5-star reviews from real users

Credit: LUMOS Projector

While the LUMOS Auro Projector may be new to the home entertainment scene, it has already received hundreds of positive 5-star reviews! From mentions of its easy setup to the awesome quality of image and sound, you can rest assured that you’ll have an equally amazing cinematic experience at home as these users.

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