Philippines' Popular Shakey's Pizza Parlor At Lucky Plaza Is Now Halal Certified


Qistina Bumidin •  Sep 22, 2022

Who doesn't love more halal food news, especially so in town? Well, here it is: there's a new pizza outlet in Lucky Plaza that recently became halal-certified! Shakey's Pizza Parlor prides itself on making the world-famous thin crust pizza, so all the more reasons for you to try it now! ?

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For the uninitiated, many may assume that Shakey's Pizza Parlor is a Filipino brand, considering it has been widely popularised in the Philippines, however, they were first established in the United States back in 1954. This is where they claim to have invented their world-famous thin crust pizza based on a recipe from founder Sherwood Johnson's childhood, during which he served as an interpreter between his Swedish mother and Italian housewives. Outside of Singapore, other Shakey's Pizza Parlor stores can be found in the states of California and Washington, as well as in the Philippines. Whether it's your first or nth time trying their pizzas, we give you a breakdown of what's the best on the menu! ?

Credit: @iam.ady for Instagram

The best-selling pizza is the Manager’s Choice which is loaded with chicken ham, beef, Italian sausage, green bell pepper and onions. This truly is paradise on a plate for meat lovers, so you can't leave without trying it! ?

Of course, you can't go wrong with the Pepperoni Crunch! Juicy pieces of pepperoni are generously added all over the pizza before being covered with crunchy crackling potato strings. Simply put, it's satisfying! ?

Finally, another popular option on the menu you SHOULD add to your pizza session at Shakey's Pizza is their trademarked item, the Mojos™ potatoes. It's their very own deep fried potato slices breaded with a variety of seasoning and spices. There's a reason why fried food totally hits the comfort spot, so you can expect a fully-satisfied belly - and probably a stronger craving for more of it!

While they are famous for their thin-crust pizza, you can also get a slightly thicker, hand-tossed crust at Shakey’s Pizza. Each comes in three sizes: Regular (from $18)Large (from $26), and Party (from $32), with prices differing based on the crust and toppings chosen. Then, pick your toppings from one of the categories: PremiumAll Time Favourites, and Classic.

They also have other special pizza offerings for a limited time, such as their Spinach series, which we think will add to your indecision of choosing a pizza! Plus, here's the catch we know you've been waiting: from 27th Sept 2022 to 29th Sept 2022, Shakey's Pizza Parlor will be offering a 1-for-1 promo for ALL pizzas to celebrate their official opening date, 27th September. They previously had a soft opening on 7th March this year.

Mark your calendars, and come with empty bellies - it's time to dig into handmade, fresh pizzas from Shakey's Pizza Parlor now!

Halal status: Halal-certified

Address: 304 Orchard Rd, B1-38 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Opening hours: Mon - Sat (10am - 9pm); Sun (9am - 9pm)

Order online via here

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