Lower Peirce Reservoir Park In Singapore Looks Like A Ghibli Film And Is The Best Place For Scenic Walks By The Water


Syahirah Mazlan •  Aug 22, 2022

If you like scenic and tranquil walking trails, Singapore has plenty! From the well-known trails like Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, to lesser-known ones like Lower Peirce Reservoir, the concrete jungle has much to offer to nature lovers. ? Today, we take you on a stroll through one of Singapore’s oldest reservoir trails that happens to look like it came right out of a Studio Ghibli movie, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. ?

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lower peirce reservoir

Credit: @solsiu.art on Instagram

If you’re not familiar with Studio Ghibli, its a Japanese film franchise that has been responsible for releasing iconic and whimsical titles like My Neighbour Totoro, Ponyo, Spirited Away, and many more acclaimed movies! For decades, the company’s films have become an aesthetic in and of itself for being a dreamy escape from mundane life. Not to mention, the scenes from Studio Ghibli movies are very pretty and can somehow put your mind at ease! ?

P.S. If you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, check out the Map of their soon-to-be-opened theme park in Japan!

mangrove singapore

Credit: @solsiu.art on Instagram

Lower Peirce Reservoir was formerly known as the Kallang River Reservoir and is Singapore's second reservoir. It was planned as an extension of the first reservoir (MacRitchie Reservoir) to meet the increasing demand for the supply of water in Singapore. ? The forest that lines its banks is considered a mature secondary rainforest and is still dotted with numerous rubber trees and oil palms – visible reminders of a past when vast areas of Singapore were covered with plantations!

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Walking closer to the water from the mangroves, you’ll see a 900 metre boardwalk that leads you around the outer side of the rainforest and the reservoir. The view is unlike anything you’ve seen before!  ?The vast waterbody is peaceful and serene. You can even sit on the boardwalk and enjoy nature's sights and sounds! 

Visitors are advised to stay on the walking paths and boardwalks to help protect the forest and its inhabitants. ?But that shouldn’t be a problem considering the trail created for visitors already boasts beautiful views and things to see! 

lower peirce reservor pavilion

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Walking deeper into the trail, you’ll come across a pavilion on the water. Gaze upon the water and see a picturesque view of Singapore’s eco-system (you probably won’t even feel like you’re in the country anymore). The vibes are very peaceful and you can even hear the sounds of the waves! ?Have a seat at the pavilion and take a rest from all that walking - we think it’s a (breath-taking) reward! 


Credit: @cathyrides on Instagram

Strolling down this reservoir, you’ll find there aren’t many people as there would be at more popular trekking locations like MacRitchie Reservoir. But if you’re looking for some peace and quiet in nature, then you’ll love Lower Peirce Reservoir where you can escape the crowds, and completely immerse yourself in the relaxing and chill atmosphere away from the bustling city life!

P.S. Do note that there are monkeys nearby; per NParks regulations, visitors are not allowed to feed them! ?Please take care of yourself and your belongings as well!

lower peirce reservoir

Credit: @solsiu.art on Instagram

So if you love nature walks and secluded reserves, don’t forget to add Lower Peirce Reservoir to your weekend itinerary and escape from the crowds. SHARE this article with your trekking buddies to get them in on this exciting and relaxing trail!

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park 

Address: Kallang River

Opening hours: 24 hours