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Lombok’s Top 9 Gorgeous (And Affordable!) Private Stays By The Beach And Pool


Mutiara Yasmin •  Jul 28, 2018


Lombok may not be as popular as Bali, but it does have its own authentic charms to leave you amazed. ? Plus, as one of Indonesia’s Muslim majority areas, Lombok is a Muslim-friendly destination. So you can be sure to find Halal foods everywhere you go in the whole province, mainland or gilis (tiny islands). ? Combined with gorgeous beaches and amazing pools where you can directly jump into for a refreshing plunge, this list of affordable accommodations will convince you that THIS will be your next getaway ? Credit: Giphy Each accommodation listed here serves seafood, poultry, and vegan dishes. Although there is no pork or lard whatsoever, they do serve alcoholic drinks and they don’t have official Halal certification. In Lombok, local businesses are mostly owned and run by Muslims, so we can feel totally safe of their foods’ Halal-ness. Note: Price information is provided by Agoda based on our search for one-night stay of 2 pax in July to September 2018, with breakfast included. If you choose to stay at the particular resort off the high season and book quite a while in advance, you'd have a chance to get a lower price.
1. Nirvana Gili Sudak Lombok Resort
Gili Sudak is a beautiful small island just off Lombok, a short boat trip to the south-west from the mainland. Many tourists just stop by this island on the way to the nearby Gili Nanggu's snorkelling spot. But staying at one of Nirvana Gili Sudak’s stilt house bungalows is wonderful - it's just like your own private island!
Credit: Nirvana Gili Sudak on Facebook Whatever room type you're choosing, you'll get the amazing sea view! ? The resort is also blessed by beautiful sunrises, so waking up early every morning there, even though you're officially on vacation, won’t be too difficult. ?
Credit: Nirvana Gili Sudak on Facebook The popular activities in Lombok’s gilis are of course snorkelling and island hopping, but Gili Sudak in particular boasts of a beautiful beach - pristine white sands and crystal clear water. ? Just sitting at the beach with your loved one will truly be a magical experience. At night, this resort can also take you away for a special beach candlelight dinner serving the house chef's specialty seafood dishes!
Credit: Nirvana Gili Sudak on FacebookDetails: Beachfront accommodation with direct access to beach. No air-conditioning, no WiFi, no television, shared bathroom. Private villa: No Location: Gili Sudak, West Lombok Price: USD 34 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book now!
2. Secret Island Resort
When you stay at Secret Island Resort, you get to choose the equally tempting bedroom with a beach terrace, or bungalow with sea view, or water-front bungalow. If you choose the latter, which we recommend, the traditional teakwood house over water will transport you back to the peaceful mother nature ?, away from deadlines and meetings!
Credit: Secret Island Resort on Facebook However, if you don’t feel adventurous enough, go ahead and enjoy the comfort of their grounded bedroom.  All room types are fully and comfortably equipped with fan, mosquito net, private shower, and super king size bed.
Credit: Secret Island Resort on Facebook Gili Gede is by far the most unspoiled getaway island in Lombok, so don’t forget to enjoy everything the beautiful beach has to offer. ?
Credit: @mhd_yudi on InstagramDetails: Direct access to pool right at your doorstep - no air-conditioning, no WiFi, no television, private bathroom with shower. Private villa: No Location: Gili Gede, West Lombok Price: USD 42 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book now!
3. Pandan Bungalow
Now, this is a place to stay with all the comforts of a hotel on a quiet and peaceful tropical island of Gili Air. What’s not to like about Pandan Bungalow? Its location, Gili Air, brings you the best of both worlds. This small island has plenty of options in terms of entertainment and Halal culinary adventure, but also offers quiet relaxing nights! ?
Credit: Pandan Bungalow on Facebook Even better, just like when you're staying at a high-cost resort somewhere, here you’ve got a private beach! Sweet! Lounge on their bright red bean bags and enjoy the sea breeze caressing your hair while you daydream of your next vacation already. ?
Credit: @gen_waa on Instagram As if that's not enough, your daily breakfast at Pandan Bungalow are both satisfying and a guarantee for a colourful day ahead! We mean, take a look at this out-of-the-world slice of watermelon bread! ?
Credit: @travelwizards on InstagramDetails: Direct access to accommodation’s private beach, full facility Private villa: No Location: Gili Air, West Lombok Price: USD 45 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book!
4. Puri Rinjani Bungalows
Puri Rinjani is a beachfront accommodation located right at Lombok’s Kuta beach (not to be mistaken for the one in Bali). ? It is modernly equipped with anything you’d need, and you really can simply enjoy its house facilities for the whole stay. Rumour has it that their pool is chlorine-free, too! ??
Credit: Puri Rinjani Bungalows & Restaurant on Facebook Please note that Indonesia is currently doing a major construction project nearby its location, so expect to hear some construction noises especially when you’re outdoor during your stay; but other than that, bedroom and everything at Puri Rinjani is just right and the value of money is great! ?
Credit: Puri Rinjani Bungalows & Restaurant on Facebook You can enjoy a view of the sea at a distance from the dining area. For breakfast, they even serve unlimited drinks, including coffee, tea, chocolate, and various seasonal fruit smoothie! ?
Credit: Puri Rinjani Bungalows & Restaurant on FacebookDetails: Beachfront accommodation with direct access to beach, full facility Private villa: No Location: Jl. Raya Kuta, Kuta, mainland Lombok Price: USD 46 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book!
5. Gili Exotic Villas
This is a private villa compound, and you can book a room or rent the whole villa depending on your number of pax. The pool is right in front of your villa’s door. ? Gili Exotic is located far enough to give you a peaceful night, but also close enough for you to enjoy the lively attractions on Gili Trawangan. ?
Credit: Intan Fujia Rezki on Facebook Each of their one-bedroom villas is spacious, very clean, and comfortably equipped even with a small fridge and safe deposit box (hairdryer is also available upon request).
Credit: Nur Sakinah Qeena on Facebook When you're tired after a long day outside, Gili Exotic has a beautiful common lounge with a simple library and a dining area, too. Enjoy meeting a few new friends and replenish your energy at this home away from home. ❤️
Credit: Gili Exotic VillaDetails: Direct access to pool right at your doorstep, full facility Private villa: Yes Location: Gili Trawangan, North Lombok Price: USD 48 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book!
6. Ola Ola Lombok
Selong Belanak beach, where Ola Ola is located, is repeatedly dubbed as Lombok’s own Hawaii ?? for its challenging-but-safe water; great for aspiring surfers! ?? This accommodation has just opened to the public in late March 2018, boasting direct access to the beach as well as a relaxing pool right at your doorstep; guaranteeing a wonderful day whenever you stay. ? Their rates are amazing, as usually you'll only get this level of luxury and facilities at a much higher price.
Credit: @reisen.zu.zweit on Instagram Their bedrooms are all modernly equipped for your comfort, but with a traditional touch here and there to please your eyes. Expect well-lit rooms with lots of natural sunlight through glass doors and walls, teak wood details, and Sasak tribal craft items here. ?
Credit: @olaolalombok on Instagram The star of the accommodation though, is their smoothie-bowl breakfast. ? Guests swear by it! Try for yourself and choose among those several options of an abundance of nutrition!
Credit: @drindrina on InstagramDetails: Beachfront accommodation with direct access to beach, full facility Private villa: No Location: Jl. Selong Belanak, Central Lombok Price: USD 54 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book!
7. Kebun Villas and Resort
Kebun Villas and Resort is a truly amazing value of money, with a long infinity pool at your doorstep and its perfect location in Senggigi beach area.
Credit: Kebun Villas & Resort on Facebook The bedrooms feature many large windows to give you the healthy sunshine to cheer you up! ? Bedding and other facilities in the interior are also clearly well-thought-of for guest’s maximum comforts.
Credit: Kebun Villas & Resort on Facebook Basically, Kebun Villas and Resort is a Muslim-friendly accommodation you would enjoy when traveling solo or with a group, along with your friends or your own family and kids! Those who had stayed often come back for another stay, and they bring their friends and loved ones, too. ?   Details: Direct access to pool right at your doorstep, full facility Private villa: No Location: Jl. Raya Senggigi, Senggigi beach, mainland Lombok Price: USD 63 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book!
8. Seri Resort
Also often mistakenly guessed too fancy and expensive, Seri Resort is really an amazing accommodation. No guests have been able to deny its charm being a tropical resort’s with a private beach at a very reasonable price. ❤️ Note that it's located in Gili Meno, one of the well-loved small islands in Lombok, where you get away from the crowd to enjoy your own day, adventure, and rest! ??
Credit: Seri Resort Gili Meno on Facebook Their interior is mostly white and clean looking, giving you calm and relaxed ambiance. Enjoy island life outdoor or stay inside the cocoon of your bedroom, it’s your own choice.
Credit: Seri Resort Gili Meno on Facebook Or, just daydream at the swing or sunbed at the private beach, looking at the sea in your own serenity while others have more active fun under the sun. This area is so gorgeous many from around the world have held their wedding! ??
Credit: @mustipaola on InstagramDetails: Direct access to accommodation’s private beach, full facility Private villa: No Location: Gili Meno, North Lombok Price: USD 64 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book!
9. Island Beach Bungalow
Island Beach Bungalow is located where you can have the cake and eat it too: short walking distance to the beach and pool right in front of your room. ? Gili Trawangan, where it's located, is also famous for never-ending fun. It’s unbelievable how this accommodation is available at this level of price; this time too good is actually true!
Credit: Island Beach Bungalow on Facebook The bungalows are built with an exterior much like the traditional Sasak house and with traditional elements in the interior. Bedrooms are spacious, very clean, and comfortable with full facilities.
Credit: Island Beach Bungalow on Facebook What’s even beyond lovely is their super friendly and ever-ready staff members. Apparently, this is what guests keep praising in their personal reviews of their stay. Island Beach Bungalow provides bicycles for rent, offers you drinks, makes sure fresh towels are always available and smelling nice; all before and without requested! ? A true spirit of excellence! ?
Credit: Island Beach Bungalow on FacebookDetails: Direct access to the beach, pool right at your doorstep, full facility Private villa: No Location: Gili Trawangan, North Lombok Price: USD 65 Halal dining: Available upon request Click here to book! Credit: Giphy Now that the beach is calling, will you answer? ? Get your flight tickets and book your chosen accommodation because it's time to go on your well-deserved break! ??