Loft Hotel Studio M Reopens With Refurbished Rooms & Exclusive Packages


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Jun 01, 2022

It’s time we admit it: we’re all at least a little in love with loft hotels. The cosiness of closed quarters with the spaciousness of two levels, it’s a refreshing experience. Especially if we’re looking to relax and try something new! ? 

Well, what if we told you loft hotel Studio M has newly refurbished rooms and exciting experiential packages waiting for you? ? 

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Loft Hotel In Singapore: Studio M

Unique and stylish, Studio M’s a loft hotel that blends modern design with functionality. Not to mention that Studio M is located within Singapore’s bustling city - it’s just a stone’s throw away from the Central Business District and Orchard Road. So if you love shopping and the vibrant atmosphere that comes with Singapore’s city life, this is the staycay for you. 

To add to the already exciting experience, Studio M’s got new experiential staycay packages that are enriching, entertaining and all you need for a fun staycay. You’re definitely not going to want to miss these! 

Chocolate Temptations @ Studio M  

Credit: Studio M

If there’s a treat that everyone loves, it’s chocolate! But have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your own chocolate or how a delicious bar of chocolate is made? 

With Studio M’s Chocolate Temptations staycay package ($240++/night), you’ll get to learn how to create the delicious treat! In collaboration with Chef Janice Wong, Chocolate Temptations brings you on a unique sensory journey, where you will be guided through every step of the chocolate making process. From learning to work with the cocoa bean to transforming it into the chocolate bars we all know and love, this is an experience you will never forget. 

Plus, the package comes with a 1-night stay with use of hotel facilities and you’ll be able to bring your own one-of-a-kind chocolate bar home! That way, you’ll be able to relive your unique staycation with every bite. ?

Resin Play @ Studio M 

Credit: Studio M

Enjoy all things artsy? Studio M’s new art worksop, Resin Play ($185++/night), will allow you to unleash your inner creativity! Indulge in your artistic side as you learn all about resin, create your very own resin masterpiece and meet other like-minded, artsy individuals with this exciting package.

To enhance your creativity, Studio M even holds this workshop in a relaxed and cosy setting, so you can fully immerse yourself in this experience! 

Studio M’s Resin Play staycay package includes an in-house Resin Play workshop, daily breakfast for 2*, complimentary wifi and a 1-Night Studio Loft Stay.

*Do note that the breakfast served is not halal-certified, we recommend that you dine at your own discretion.   

Refurbished Rooms

Credit: Studio M

Once you’re done with the experiences, remember: your staycay’s not over! Head back to your newly refurbished loft room (starting from $190++/night) and snuggle into the fresh, cosy sheets. 

From a ground-level bedroom for naps and well-deserved rest to a designed workspace for you to catch up on your work (or the latest Netflix movies! ?), Studio M’s stylish yet functional loft rooms definitely have everything you need for a cosy stay. 

The promotion period ends 31 December 2022, so be sure to book your stay as soon as possible ? Your next staycation’s definitely just received an upgrade with these unique experiential workshops! Not to mention the high ceilings, dim lights and comfy sheets in a cosy loft room for the stylish and comfortable staycay you deserve.

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