Spanish Froyo llaollao Is Now Halal-Certified By JAKIM


Farah Fazanna •  Oct 27, 2022

This one’s for the fans of llaollao! The leading Spanish natural yoghurt brand is now halal-certified! The halal certification from Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) indicates that all of llaollao's products, as well as their preparation method and ingredient source, is suitable for consumption by Muslims in accordance with Islamic doctrine. Now you can enjoy the froyo without hesitation!

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Ever since its founding in 2009, llaollao has provided froyo fans with a healthier, creamier, and cooler alternative. Now, Muslim customers in Malaysia can indulge in their favourite healthy froyo with an assortment of delectable toppings, including freshly cut fruits, crunchy toppings, and delicious sauces imported directly from Spain. 

“We wanted to re-emphasize our commitment to Malaysia, where we have brought joy to so many people since opening our first llaollao outlet in 2015. This is why we decided to get our products Halal-certified, to demonstrate how invested we are in Malaysia and to maintain consumer satisfaction and integrity, as well as to assure our current and future consumers of the credibility of our product,” shared Woodpeckers Group Sdn Bhd and master franchisee of llaollao Malaysia CEO Tan Kai Young

This halal certification is a significant milestone for llaollao because 2022 marks the brand's seventh year in the Malaysian food and beverage market since its initial opening in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in 2015. To ensure the highest level of adherence to Islamic Halal standards, JAKIM applies a strict, comprehensive approach to the application process. 

“Obtaining the Halal certificate is the culmination of our efforts to please customers in the face of rising demand for Halal food and products, which we have prioritised ever since our opening. We see this as the first step in the process to ensure all our current and future stores will be Halal-certified, as we continue to expand the brand throughout Malaysia and maintain our leadership position in the market,” added Tan. 

As of today, llaollao has applied for seven new halal applications, which include 31 llaollao outlets across the country. In total, 40 llaollao outlets have been successfully registered under the MyEHalal system. They plan to apply for additional Halal applications to 40 to 48 more of their branches by the end of 2022, including Sabah and Sarawak, to further spread llaollao's joy to fellow Malaysians.