Korean CU Mart Opens Two New Outlets In Klang Valley & It Has Limited-Time Promotions!


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Oct 12, 2021

It's been a long time since Malaysians set foot in South Korea and taste their local delicious snacks. But, lucky for us, the famous and Korea's No. 1 convenience store, CU Mart opened a few outlets in Klang Valley and two new ones are opening in October! ?

CU Mart To Open In SS15 & Wangsa Maju This October

Credit: @cu_malaysia on Instagram 

The number of places to get halal Korean snacks and food are growing in Klang Valley after CU Malaysia recently announced the grand opening dates of their two outlets in SS15 and Wangsa Maju on an Instagram post! The long-awaited chain store in SS15 is set to open on Oct 16th and Wangsa Maju on Oct 19th! There are currently 5 CU Mart outlets in Klang Valley but this Korean brand is expanding real fast. We might see more outlets opening in other states soon ☺️

3-Day Promos In New Outlets & New Game For Cash Vouchers

Credit: @snakesolidus on Instagram 

In honor of the grand opening, CU Mart will be having a 3-day promotion for their snacks and food! These are the promos that will be available at SS15 & Wangsa Maju:

  • 25% off on Ready-To-Eat items
  • 25% on Heyroo snacks
  • Any 3 Delafee @ RM9.99

Other than having this small promotion, you could also try their new items on the menu. With the ongoing craze on 'Squid Game', CU Mart has introduced the new K-Ojingeo Corn Sausage and K-Spicy Ojingeo Corn Sausage. This deep fried, squid-shaped sausage coated with charcoal on a stick will bring a burst of flavours inside your mouth ?

To elevate the fun experience with their new corn sausage, you have a chance to win a RM30 cash voucher! The steps to win this cash voucher are as below:

  1. Simply purchase any of the two new corn sausages and you'll receive your mission card as pictured above. You will need to collect three stamps to continue playing the game.
  2. To collect the first 2 stamps, buy the K-Ojingeo Corn Sausage or K-Spicy Ojingeo Corn Sausage from at least two CU Mart outlets!
  3. After collecting the stamps, you must now challenge a CU staff to a game of Korean Rock, Paper & Scissors. You need to at least win once out of 3 chances to get your last stamp.
  4. Once you complete your mission card, like the CU Facebook page and post a picture of your mission card with the hashtags #CUOjingeoGame and #CUMalaysia.
  5. Receive your RM30 Cash Voucher from their staff as your prize!

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new outlets. Also, don't miss out their limited-time promotions and this new 'Squid Game' to win cash vouchers! ?

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