This Limited-Time Mount Fuji Tulip Festival Will Be Your Next Dream Destination


Shasha Dania •  Apr 11, 2019

Japan in the springtime is known for its sakura blossoms, hanami viewing sessions, and ... tulips?

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Cherry blossoms may be the flower of choice for springtime travellers to Japan, but what most people don't know is that there's the equally amazing annual Foothills Of Fuji Heavenly Tulip Festival happening too! Although the cherry blossoms may already be wilting, you won't have to miss out on the springtime beauty of a field full of colourful flowers! ?

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The colourful rows of tulips against the iconic backdrop of Mount Fuji will be an unforgettable sight. There are over 150 varieties of tulips in the park, with over 200,000 individual blossoms! ? That means plenty of opportunities to enjoy the fresh air, scenic backdrop, and just immerse yourself in the sweet fragrance of the tulip blooms. There are photo spots scattered amongst the fields too, to give you that perfect frame! ?

P.S. If you can't get enough of these stunning rows of flowers, the park organizes a dahlia festival during autumn too!

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Amusement Park Grinpa, where the festival is held, is full of attractions for visitors of all ages too. Fans of the adorable Sylvanian Family franchise will be in awe of the life-size replicas of Sylvanian buildings that you can enter, and Ultraman fans will be delighted at the UltraSeven Roller Coaster that's nearby! ? There are also 3D mazes and athletic structures to give kids a challenging workout, and lots more to do once you've seen enough of the flowers

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Muslim travellers won't have to worry about completing prayers there either. Amusement Park Grinpa has a prayer room on site! ? The prayer room includes an area for ablution and is further separated into a men's and women's section for convenience. To enter the room, approach the facility entrance intercom and wait for an employee to assist you. Do remember to bring along your own prayer garments.

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The park is accessible via car, public train, or public bus. If visiting Mount Fuji is already in your itinerary, make sure to grab the Mt Fuji pass that includes access to Grinpa and other major Mount Fuji and Hakone attractions! While we can't find any information on halal food within the park premises, you can always have a delicious meal at the halal restaurants at Mount Fuji first before heading to Grinpa, or stop by a convenience store to pick up some snacks ? Do note that dogs and other pets are also allowed at the festival.

Dates: April 20 2019-May 26 2019 (subject to flowering conditions)

Opening hours: 9.30am-5pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-5pm (Sat-Sun, holidays)

Entrance fees: 1,300 yen (Adults), 850 yen (Seniors and children), 1,200 yen (parking per passenger car vehicle per day)

Contact: +81 055-998-1111 (Amusement Park Grinpa)

Address: 2427 Aza Fujiwara, Suyama, Susono, Shizuoka 410-1231