MUJI storefront

What You Can Expect At The Largest MUJI Store In Southeast Asia


Qistina Roslan •  Nov 24, 2023

We've all heard the news about MUJI's largest store opening right here in Singapore! Their clean and minimalistic aesthetics make them appealing and emanate Japanese interior design principles. "No-brand, Quality Goods", aka MUJI, has definitely lived up to its name.

We head down to MUJI to see what's available at this huge store!

Men, Women, and Children Clothing

Men's clothing

Right when you walk in, you'll be greeted with a ton of clothing options for Men, Women and Children which is a little further in the back. Ranging from everyday clothes to inner wear, you'll be spoiled for choice in deciding what to grab from the plethora of clothing options there. You can also find branded MUJI styles such as Labo here too!

Women's clothing

Check out some of the styled mannequins to get a snippet of what's to offer as well as garner inspiration for your next #OOTD.

Bicycle Section

Bicycles at MUJI

This huge MUJI store sells bicycles too! Called the Mini Velo (made in Singapore!), you can try it out and learn more about the light foldable bike right here at MUJI!

Instructions on how to order the bike

If you're interested in getting it, you can fill in a form that they have at this section and submit it to the counter together with your payment. There is a 5-year warranty for the bike so you need not fret about it!

Travel Bags and Accessories

Hijabi woman holding up a luggage in MUJI

If you want something minimalistic but sturdy and reliable, you can browse through MUJI's selection of luggage. They're categorised by size hence, you can easily find the luggage to suit your needs.

Instructions on anti-roll wheels

Fun fact, they even have anti-roll wheels where you can lock them in place to prevent them from rolling away from you, or down a steep hill for example. There are also fanny packs and waterproof bags suitable for all your travelling needs.

MUJI Renovation

MUJI Renovation

Hidden right at the back of the store, there is a rather sizeable showroom showcasing all of MUJI's products implemented into a HDB flat!

Entrance to MUJI Renovation

Take off your shoes and wear the provided slippers as you walk through this apartment and see MUJI's minimalistic style come to life! There are staff on-hand if you're interested in knowing more about the different furniture available!

Coffee machine

If you're feeling thirsty, or in need of a pick-me-up, there is a free water bottle refill station nearby and a coffee machine where you can pay with your card to grab some nice freshly-brewed coffee.

Community Market

Products flown in from Japan

The Community Market is basically a collection of artisinal goodies that have ben flown in straight from Japan. There are a bunch of products from the Ehime and Chiba prefectures. From pottery to miso, and even halal food, there's much to grab and try at this section!

If you've wanted to try vegetables grown and flown in fresh from Japan, there's an area right next to the halal corner where you can try crunchy cucumbers, mild peppers and even sweet tomatoes.

Halal Corner

We've already covered this in more detail in our other article! But here's a rundown on what you can expect! (The Halal Corner is found at the Community Market)


Uji Matcha Kinako Soy Bean Snack

In the baskets behind the stand as well as hanging on either side, there are a bunch of nuts ranging from a variety of flavours. For instance, you can get Uji Matcha Kinako Soy Bean nuts that you can bring home to try! Or as a souvenir as well.


Vegetable Soup ramen

Thinking about making ramen? Try out the different varieties of ramen that are available at the store. Their stock is vegan but still bringing about the same amount of umami in the bowl.

What's in the bottles?

Honteri Mirin - Japanese Sweet Sauce

There are a bunch of items that you can take home such as teriyaki, soba and shirodashi sauce! There's also Japanese Sweet Sauce which is Honteri, a halal alternative to mirin.

Food and other Artisanal goods

Caffeine-free Corn Tea

There are other Muslim-friendly products that are available in this area as well! If you head out towards the food section, you can find a variety of drinks available, both refrigerated and in packets for you to make at home. There's coffee, tea, juices and even ice lollies! Try out some unique flavours such as Caffeine-free Corn Tea.

Flavoured popcorn

If you're a fan of popcorn, grab some of the goodies you can find next door in the open space between the Community Market and the Food section. There's popcorn with flavours such as Pulut Hitam and Nasi Lemak, all of which are halal-certified too!

Check out our in-depth article on the Halal Japanese Food and Ingredients found at this corner!

Embroidery Services

Embroidery services

Right next to the Children's clothing section, there is an embroidery station where you can choose a bunch of designs starting from $10 each! Just bring an item that can be embroidered from the MUJI store and choose from over 200 designs to get customised onto your product!

There are a bunch of other sections that you can visit in MUJI! From clothing to beds, to storage and cooking utensils. MUJI at Plaza Singapura has a lot to offer and is worth making the trip down!