Lagun Sari’s Nasi Ambeng & Padang Dulang Sets Are Perfect For Your Iftar Gathering


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 12, 2022

From Ramadan Bazaars popping up to Ramadan Buffets making its way back into our lives, we’re in for an exciting Ramadan 2022. If you’re planning an iftar with your family or friends this month and you’re not sure what to get, Lagun Sari’s got just the solution.  

Their generous Ramadan dulang sets and family sets are perfect for those iftar gatherings (sets available from 5pax to 8pax), so you can enjoy all that Ramadan 2022 has to offer without worrying about the fuss! 

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Tingkat & Dulang Sets For Iftar With Lagun Sari 

Lagun Sari’s no novice to delicious food. Starting out as a restaurant before eventually making a name for themselves as a wedding and catering service, Lagun Sari is one of the top spots for Muslim weddings in Singapore! 

Lagun Sari is so well-known for their authentic Indonesian cuisine that customers began to crave their food when Singapore’ circuit breaker began. And now, Lagun Sari Kitchen is delivering their unforgettable meals to everyone who wants them. Wedding or not! 

Credit: Lagun Sari 

Who can resist the rich flavours of a Nasi Ambeng set? 😍 Fragrant curries, rendang and sambal goreng all blending together in a cacophony of flavours to delight your taste buds… We’re salivating already! 🤤

This Ramadan 2022, Lagun Sari has exclusive Nasi Ambeng, Nasi Besek sets and family sets, that will leave you craving for more. A feast for the eyes and the stomach, their Ambeng and Besek dulangs are filled with Lagun Sari’s star dishes, all served in generous portions on a platter for you!

P.S. Terawih, Qiyamullail (& Other Activities) Will Resume At Singapore Mosques This Ramadan 2022!

Credit: Lagun Sari 

Prefer something a little more homely? You’ll have to give the Nasi Padang Dulang (from $99 for 5 pax) a go! Lagun Sari’s family-style and high-quality menu uses natural and fresh ingredients that will remind you of home. 

And what could be a better way to reminisce about home-cooked food than with a plate of steaming white rice accompanied by your pick of delicious sides? Lagun Sari’s Nasi Padang set presents over 5 different sides so you can head home and choose what you like the best.

Not to mention the star of the show: the Lemak Siput Nangka 😋 Lagun Sari’s Lemak Siput Nangka boasts a beautiful twist on the traditional dish, Siput Sedut! Using juicy jackfruit pieces for a juicy burst of flavour, the fruits complement the thick, coconut gravy and savoury meat. 😍

Hungry already? It’s time to get your very own dulang sets! Check them out here 🥰

Credit: Lagun Sari 

Made of crunchy batter coated tahu with soft and savoury bagedil inside, Lagun Sari’s Tahu Bagedil is definitely not to be messed with. 

Served with kicap chilli padi, it’ll be the perfect side for your meal!

P.S. If this sounds delicious, be sure to order from Lagun Sari’s menu for Hari Raya, too! 🤩

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Lagun Sari 

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