Kyoto Shokudo At Vivocity Is Now Halal-Certified: Treat Yourself To Their Popular Matcha Desserts and Udon


Mardhiah Haslan •  Jan 25, 2023

If you’re a Matcha lover who enjoys Japanese cuisine, you’ll be glad to know that Kyoto Shokudo at Vivocity is officially halal-certified! Now you can satisfy your Matcha cravings and enjoy an array of Japanese udon to Kyoto-style desserts without travelling to Kyoto.

From the interior to the dining experience, Kyoto Shokudo Cafe & Udon offers an authentic Japanese dining experience with a variety of Japanese dishes that is sure to make your tummy happy! Planning a trip to Kyoto? You should check out these authentic halal Japanese eateries in Kyoto!

Credit: Kyoto Shokudo on Instagram

Kyoto Shokudo features an array of Matcha dessert options, so if you’re a fan of desserts, you should try their popular Matcha desserts including the Matcha Parfait ($8.90), Matcha Panna Cotta ($6.90), and Matcha Anmitzu ($5.90). They also offer Matcha Tiramisu ($6.90) and a Kyoto-style Toasted Matcha Pancake ($10.90). 

Credit: Kyoto Shokudo on Instagram

If you’re not one for desserts, the cafe also serves a plethora of Japanese dishes such as Udon and Donburis. Why not go big and try their Matcha Carbonara Smoked Duck ($12.90)? They also offer less adventurous options (but just as delicious!) such as the Gyu Yakiniku Udon ($12.90). 

Credit: su_ann1908 on Instagram

For those who prefer rice, indulge in their extensive donburi options, including the Spicy Chicken Loco Moco ($15.90) and Gyu Yakiniku Loco Moco ($15.90). Complete your meal with a Hot or Cold Matcha Latte ($6.90) or opt for a Matcha Jelly Fizz ($8.90).

Now you can experience a piece of Kyoto and satisfy your Matcha cravings with all these delectable Japanese and Matcha menu options at Kyoto Shokudo! Check out our Ultimate Guide To The Best Halal Food In Vivo City if you’re looking for other meal options!