Kyoto's Muslims Are Trying To Build A Mosque: Here's How You Can Help


Shasha Dania •  Jun 10, 2020

Kyoto is a gorgeous and stunning city that blends the traditional with the modern, and in recent years it's even become more Muslim-friendly! ? From more halal restaurants (like this halal wagyu outlet at Kyoto station!) to a greater awareness of the needs of Muslims, Kyoto is becoming even easier to visit as a Muslim traveller.

The entrance doorway to the prayer hall in the basement of the Kyoto Islamic Cultural Center.

However, right now, there is no formally dedicated masjid (mosque) in Kyoto. Prayer spots are scattered across the city and mostly housed in Muslim-owned, halal-certified, or Muslim-friendly eateries in Kyoto. There is 1 mid-sized prayer hall at the Kyoto Islamic Cultural Center which is considered the 'masjid' for the city right now, but it is limited in size and is not in the most convenient location to travel to.

Credit: Kyoto Muslim Community on Facebook

The Kyoto Muslim Community plans to establish a Kyoto Central Masjid near Kyoto University, and they have already begun part of the process to pay for the real estate and construction. However, they only have until 30 Jun 2020 to pay for the remaining cost, otherwise, the entire contract will be lost. ?

Credit: Kyoto Muslim Community on Facebook

You can visit their Launchgood campaign page for more details including a breakdown of where the total money raised will go to. Giving levels start as low as $10, and even a small amount can go a long way. ☺️ Imagine sharing that with 10 of your friends, each of whom donate $10 as well - that's over $100 raised!

You can follow their Facebook page for updates support their Launchgood campaign here - every small amount counts too! The campaign will end on 22 June 2020, 10.45PM. Make sure to SHARE this with your friends too!