Meet The First Native Korean-Muslim Man To Translate The Quran Into Korean


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 27, 2021

It is widely known that South Korea is a homogenous society and Muslims are a minority in the land of K-pop and K-drama. But, the awareness on Islam among Korean is increasing as well as the number of Muslims in the country according to Straits Times. Thanks to social media, we also have famous Muslim influencers who are spreading recognition on Islam like Sabrina Azhar and Ayana Moon!

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Korean-Muslim Man Becomes First Native Korean To Translate The Quran

Credit: Zayan on Facebook 

Another figure who is helping Koreans to understand Islam better is Dr. Hamid Choi Yong Kil who successfully translated the Holy Quran into Korean! As reported by Mvslim, his intricate translation project took the scholar seven years to complete. Economy.PK also said he translated the Sahih Bukhari, one of the major hadith books on Islam based on the teachings, sayings, traditions and practices of the last prophet Muhammad SAW.

Credit: Zayan on Facebook 

It's no surprise it took him many years to finish because it is not an easy job to translate the Quran and Sahih Bukhari. His achievement in completing the two texts is beyond amazing. Korean-Muslims are finally able to read and understand Islam's teachings even better now that the religious text is available in their mother tongue. Misunderstandings and confusions are prevalent when new converts or non-Muslims try to learn about Islam.

Aside from being a translator, Dr. Hamid Choi Yong Kil is also a lecturer in Islamic Studies and Arabic at a Korean university. According to Economy.PK, he received his education in Islamic University of Madinah and has also written other works in the Islamic fields. His success in his career as an Islamic scholar is an inspirational one and paves the way for Koreans to understand Islam better.