NEW: This Korean Fusion Eatery In SG Has Just Been Halal-Certified


Nasreen Nasir •  Jul 17, 2018

Who can ever resist Korean food? With recent years, the popularity of Korean cuisine has certainly been growing and it’s not difficult to stumble upon various kinds of halal Korean restaurants along the streets of Singapore. Whether it is the Korean fried chicken or hotpot, many Singaporeans seem to be hooked on the dishes and there’s no way the food craze would die anytime soon! ?

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Along with the surge in the popularity of Korean cuisine around, there’s an eatery in the East side that just got its halal certification and everyone is excited about it! ? Yes, we're talking about Two Hana, which specialises in delicious Korean-fusion cuisine. Located in Century Square, this might not seem like your typical Korean eatery but check out their wide and delectable variety of affordable dishes ?

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For appetisers, go for the special Kimchi Mac & Cheese ($9)! Who knew that these two could go so well together? ? Spicy and cheesy, now that's what we call the perfect comfort food! ?

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For the main course, choose between the Honey Butter Drumlets ($9) or the Striploin Bulgogi Rice Bap ($15.50). The honey flavour from the chicken is so rich that it'll leave you wanting more! ? For a heavier meal, opt for the Striploin Bulgogi Rice Bap instead which is not just delicious, BUT packed with good nutritions as well! ❤️

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Take your taste buds to the next level with their Braised Gochujang Lamb Shank ($24)! Normally you'd have your Lamb Shanks without any chilli, but this time, there's finally a spicy version ? Yes please! The flavour will definitely tantalise your palate ?

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Wash down all the dishes with their unique Melona Melon Calpis Ice Cream Float ($7). Instead of having a scoop of ice-cream on top of your drink, you'll have a melon popsicle infusing the delicious, fizzy soda! ?

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Now, there's plenty of more food that they offer and if you're such a Korean food connoisseur, you will want to order every single thing on the menu! So, time to head over to Two Hana for a thoroughly satisfying meal ?

Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #01-21 Century Square

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, 8.00am - 10.00pm.

Contact Number: +65 6260 4321

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