9 Must-Visit Destinations For Your 2022 Year-End Vacay


Qistina Bumidin •  Jul 29, 2022

Let us help you make 2022 the year you get back out there and make those long-awaited overseas travels a reality! Plus, we’ve got some exclusive deals to make your travels even cooler! KKday gives you up to 25% off site when you pay with Atome ? Imagine unforgettable experiences in Paris, Switzerland, and Sydney at a discount! Excited? ? Read on to find out more! 

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Less than 13 hours of flight time from SG

1. Paris, France

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Disneyland Paris turns 30 this year, so you can expect nothing but larger-than-life celebrations such as parades, more show-stopping rides and more! If you’re unsure where to start, the new Avengers Campus has to be the first attraction you visit! ?

The campus features two attractions (one of which is an indoor coaster that goes up to almost 100km/h)! We don’t want to spoil more, but there’s also a fully-functional Iron Man animatronic, the first Avengers audio-animatronic figure in any Disney Park ?Okay, it’s time to visit the park yourself and book your passes here! If you’ve done your research, La Vallee Village is a shopping haven located 10 minutes away from the park, and KKday is offering you a special €25  La Vallée Village gift card,  La Vallée Village 10% off eVIP card and a €5 Refreshment Voucher when you purchase Disneyland passes from them; so now might be where the fun kicks in for the shopaholics in the family! This offer is exclusive to KKday only and will end on 31st September 2022, so book it here

2. Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of those evergreen destinations that'll always be on our travel bucket lists. Blessed with dramatic snow-capped mountains, picturesque century-old towns, scenic train rides and more, there’s a great adventure that only an ultimate Swiss getaway can tell ? A visit to Switzerland is not complete without heading to the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch. Take the train up and be treated to gorgeous views of the surroundings - see, didn’t we promise unforgettable? ? You’ll need to spend an entire day here at Jungfraujoch because there’s so much to see, so why not sign up for a tour for the ultimate experience? KKday’s Jungfraujoch tour covers it all - scenic train rides, an outdoor observatory for you to admire the stunning views, exploring ice caves, and marvelling at Aletsch Glacier, the largest alpine glacier in the world ? No need to worry about the extra costs of train tickets or fumbling your way around - the tour has you settled; all that’s left to do is bask in the world's wonders ?

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Want to appreciate the views from a different angle? Why not see from a bird's eye’s view and try paragliding? ? For 20 minutes, the panoramic views of iconic landmarks such as Lake Thun, Interlaken and more would instantly sweep you off your feet (no pun intended). Sure it seems like a heart-wrenching activity, but trust us, the views will simply be worth every fear! ? If you need a little motivation, check our writer’s experience in doing so.

Less than 8 hours of flight time from SG

3. Gold Coast, Australia

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There’s a reason why Gold Coast is the fun and adventure capital of Australia - you’ll find plenty of things to enjoy not just for yourself but with your loved ones too. Like theme parks! Blessed with amazing weather all year round, locals and tourists often flock to this side of the country to unwind ? Kickstart your family adventure at Movie World, Australia’s largest theme park that’s themed around popular characters of the Warner Bros Studio. Interact with Superman, Batman, Bugs Bunny, or even his best friend, Daffy Duck! There are a couple of thrill rides around, but for families with kids, don’t worry; you’re not left behind! Head to Kids’ WB Fun Zone, where you can have fun with your favourite characters while riding the Merry-Go-Round and even catch some shows! ?

Start with the southern hemisphere's longest, fastest, and tallest hypercoaster for something adventurous! Yes, we’re talking about high speed and crazy heights. Imagine dropping at an 89-degree angle. How’s that for a thrill? ? Don’t forget to try the Superman Escape ride, classic but worth it ? It gets busy during popular holiday seasons, so here’s where pre-booking a pass comes in handy! In comes KKday’s Movie World Pass, where you skip the lines and get a headstart on the fun; who wants to queue up and wait on vacation, right? ?

4. Sydney, Australia

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Make your visit to Sydney even more memorable with an overnight glamping experience at Taronga Zoo! The Roar and Snore experience lets you see what nocturnal animals are up to at the night safari and wake up to glorious sunrise! Furthermore, Taronga Zoo allows you to experience meerkats scurrying all over you, feeding giraffes and capybaras and striking a pose with Australia’s adorable icon, koalas. This is seriously the best kind of treat to yourself after two years of no travel ?

P.S. When planning to make a great escape, you’ll need a good planner to make the best of your experiences, and KKday’s largest travel fair, The Great Escape, with endless activities from all over the world on offer, will help you achieve that. Here’s making your trip even more amazing: when you check out with Atome, you’ll enjoy up to $100 off savings! There are prizes worth $5700 for you to redeem, such as Sigi Skin, Anothersole and Gold Heart!

5. Boracay Island, the Phillipines

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The quintessential image of Boracay shows off its turquoise waters, paddle-pop sunsets and powdery white beaches. Does this beach paradise live up to all the hype? Absolutely! Whether you are looking to chillax by the sea or bring out the daredevil in you to try the adrenaline activities, the gorgeous beaches on the island are the ideal backdrop ?

KKday’s half-day tour brings you the best of Boracay Island in just a matter of hours: the kite surfers’ paradise Bulabog Beach, the smooth white sands of Puka Beach and the colourful coral reefs at popular snorkelling spot Crocodile Island or visit the Rainforest Falls, hop on a one-person raft, raft downstream rapidly and cap off the day with the one-of-a-kind hot kawa bath, a truly unique experience that will get you instantly hooked ?

Take in the sun, feel the refreshing sea breeze, feel the cool waters - now this is a tropical paradise perfect for your year-end holidays!

Halal status of lunch offered: Only seafood will be offered. However, it’s recommended that you inform the tour operator via KKday’s in-app chat about your dietary restrictions. The tour operator will make the necessary arrangements accordingly. 

Less than 3 hours of flight time

6. Da Nang, Vietnam

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You want the European vacation, minus the cost. Just take a flight under 3 hours to Da Nang, Vietnam and explore this French-inspired town. Located approximately 22km southwest of Da Nang, Ba Na Hills can be reached by their Swiss-made cable cars! It’s the longest one in the world, too; imagine flexing to your buddies back home ? There’s a variety of activities to do once you reach the top: You can visit Linh Ung Pagoda, a peaceful temple featuring a huge statue of Lady Bodhisattva, cross the newly renovated Golden Bridge held by the hand of the Buddha, or get your dose of adrenaline Fantasy Park, a large indoor entertainment park featuring rides, 4D and 5D cinemas! ? Taking a car up is inconvenient; why not let KKday’s Ba Na Hills tour handle everything for you? You’ll get an English-speaking guide and plenty of time to take in the attractions without worrying about transportation! KKday has informed us guests can bring their food since lunch is not offered.

7. Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Credit: The FloatHouse River Kwai l Floating Resort เดอะ โฟลทเฮ้าส์ กาญจนบุรี for Facebook

The Float House River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi (three hours west of Bangkok) is the place to go if you’re looking for an exotic getaway that doesn’t break the bank and is not too far from home. This floating hotel is tucked away deep in a jungle by the river Kwai and can only be reached by boat. The resort fully uses the river by organising exciting activities like long-tail boat trips, canoeing and bamboo rafting. Should you venture beyond the float house, you can explore many unique sites, such as the Lawa caves and orchards, where you’ll find a wide variety of fresh fruits! That said, you can always choose to relax by the river on the terrace swings and indulge in a good book! ? The rooms are spacious, and the entire establishment incorporates Thai folk style design with a modern touch that makes it feel both laid back and luxurious at the same time.

The resort might seem a little out of reach, but you don’t have to worry about going there alone. KKday also offers a private car transfer from the airport to the resort! Luxury treatment just for you ?

Less than 2 hours of travel time

8. Bintan

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If glamping in a zoo isn’t the perfect staycay for you and your squad, this unique glamping vacation at ANMON Resort Bintan might be your cup of tea. Camping might be a little tough without the convenient amenities that a hotel may provide, but with The ANMON, you don’t have to worry ? Enjoy a few nights glamping with all the comforts of a hotel and the excitement of staying in a teepee tent.

The resort also features a full-service spa, an outdoor pool, free wifi in public areas and more! Your ‘’tent’’ will also come with your sitting area, coffee maker and lovely, furnished patios. KKday has 6 unique packages that reduce all the hassle of bookings with one click of a button - each package consists of ferry tickets, tickets to Treasure Bay, a fireflies tour and more! Don’t we love that on vacation - everything is done for us at the click of our fingertips, and we can get the relaxing started almost immediately ?

Halal status: Meals are made using ingredients from halal-certified suppliers. Do note that alcoholic beverages are also served, so dine at your discretion.

9. Genting Highlands

For many of us, it was a trip our parents would take us every December for that ‘wintry’ feeling ❄️ Fast forward to our adult years, and you might find yourself doing the same for your kids because there’s always something new to check out at Genting! One major thing would be the Genting Skyworlds Theme Park.

With 9uniquely themed zones (or worlds) within Genting SkyWorlds, with 26 brand-new rides and attractions plus loads of dining options spread throughout, it’s going to be a fun day out with your loved ones! ?Don’t worry, we got you tips on navigating this massive park right here!

Don’t worry if it rains, though, the fun doesn’t stop! Head on to Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park instead. With 17 rides readily available for visitors, this indoor park promises an exciting time for everyone! Buzzing with colourful lights everywhere you turn, go on the classic carousel ride, take an aerial tour around with their Copper Express train, and unleash the inner racer in you with their thrilling Bumper Boss! We promise you might even want to squeeze in time to check out this park on sunny days! Get your tickets via KKday’s website here!

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It’s not enough to cover them all in one day, plus there are still other activities to do in Genting, such as shopping, dining and more, so why not make it an overnight stay at the adjacent Genting Skyworlds Hotel? When you book your stay via KKday, you’ll get a cable car ticket inclusive of the package as well

No matter what type of trip you’ve been dreaming of, be it far-flung, luxurious destinations, or budget destinations that aren’t too far from home, 2022 will be the year filled with unforgettable travel memories and experiences we’ve sorely missed the past two years! If you’re still craving more ideas, just head to KKday’s travel fair for various unique experiences! It’s ending on the 31st of August, so don’t wait too long! Where will you be going this year-end? ?

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