Kiwamiya in Shibuya Parco Japan Serves Delicious Halal Waguyu Hamburg Steak


Noor Aishah Karim •  May 23, 2023

Looking for delicious halal hamburg steak in Tokyo? Check out Kiwamiya, located in Shibuya Parco, a restaurant which offers a unique dining experience with its halal-certified Wagyu Hamburg Halal.

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Their delicious Wagyu Hamburg is prepared using high-quality meat and has been described as having a sweet taste.

Once the hamburg steak is served, you are provided with a mini plate and a separate pan specifically designated for halal meat. This allows you to cook the meat according to your preferred level of doneness. You can season it to your taste, enhancing the flavours to suit your preferences.

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Moreover, Kiwamiya offers a variety of options to satisfy your appetite. The regular portion of Wagyu Hamburg Halal, weighing 150 grams, is priced at 1199 yen (SGD11.64/RM39.38), while the double portion, weighing 300 grams, costs 2079 yen (SGD20.19/RM68.27). The restaurant also provides side menu items like rice soup and salad with free refills for an additional charge of 330 yen (SGD3.20/RM10.84).

To ensure the utmost adherence to halal standards, the chefs at Kiwamiya use new gloves specifically for handling halal meat. They take great care in preparing the hamburg steak, rolling it and placing it on a pan before serving it.

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The restaurant serves ice cream for those with a sweet tooth, allowing you to conclude your dining experience with a delightful dessert. Would you try this out?

Halal status: The Restaurant has a halal certificate for the meat served and a halal menu you would have to request.

Address: 150-0042 Shibuya15−1 Udagawacho, Shibuya Parco B1F

Opening hours: 11am -11.30pm daily

Contact: +81 3-5422-3122

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