What To Expect At The New KidzWorld At The Singapore Zoo


Qistina Roslan •  Oct 25, 2023

If you've been on the Internet recently, news of Singapore Zoo's KidzWorld closing down was a sad moment. Without much information, we were led to believe that the KidzWorld that has been a staple for many childhoods was going to be shut down for good. In its place is a new attraction by the Singapore Zoo instead: KidzWorld!

From pools to petting zoos, we give you the ultimate rundown on what you can expect at the new KidzWorld in Singapore Zoo!

Ranger Buddies Base Camp

This is one of the most anticipated sections of the park and what the park revolves around! Ranger Buddies Quest is the new interactive experience for kids in KidzWorld (and some parts of Singapore Zoo too!) There are a ton of interactive sections that Ranger Buddies can interact with. You'll first enter the base camp where you'll be briefed.

The area itself has interactive exhibitions such as a river being projected onto the floor and little notes for the rangers to find.

All around the park are little stations like the one in the picture! To activate it, use your binoculars and your ranger's quest will begin! There are a variety of activities such as finding bacteria and colouring in drawings. Animal knowledge is paired with these stations and your child (or yourself!) will be able to learn more about the animal world!

To be able to take part in Ranger Buddies Quest, you will need to have purchased a binoculars add-on when purchasing your ticket for the Singapore Zoo! They cost $12 each from 28 November to 30 November 2023. If you are a Friends of WIldlife member, they will be $10 from 28 November to 30 November 2023 as well.

Regular binocular prices are:

  • Public: $15
  • Friends of Wildlife: $10
  • Wildpass Holders: $13.50

Bring your ticket to the Ranger Buddies Quest counter and they will exchange it for you! These are the key to the many activities scattered around KidzWorld AND the park too!

One of the cool activities you can do as a Ranger Buddy is controlling the Splish Splash zone! Using your binoculars and a code, you'll be able to control the height of the water and make it higher or lower! Have some fun and run through the water if you want!

A special prize awaits you once you've completed the Ranger Buddies Quest! A large enamel pin with "First Explorers Of KidzWorld" badge!

Play Area

KidzWorld is all about fun and there are two major areas where you and your little one can enjoy! The Splish Splash Wet zone, and the dry Play Trees.

Splish Splash

Splish Splash is the dedicated Wet Zone of KidzWorld. Bring your swimsuit and enjoy cooling off the sweltering heat at this zone! We covered a little bit of what you can find at this area in the Ranger Buddies section. There is also a splash zone where three buckets are suspended up high and fill up with water gradually, before SPLASH, coming right down on you and your kid!

Play Trees

The Play Trees are a gigantic, two-storey playground where children can run around, slide and jump to let all of that energy out! Part of it is covered too so you would not have to worry about being in the sun for too long (but still remember to put sunscreen!). On the first floor, there are mini rock climbing hills to clamber on, and musical flowers that you can create a tune on. The second floor has rope bridges and slides that you can enjoy!

Petting Zoo

Another major attraction for KidzWorld is the petting zoo! There are two areas of the petting zoo that you can frequent: Animal Land and Little Paws.

Animal Land (Outdoors)

Animal Land is truly, well, animal land! You can pet falabellas (an Argentinian small horse breed), goats as well as chickens. Do remember to wash your hands before entering the petting zoo. And wash your hands after too! If you need a place to store your items, there is a storage corner just before entering Animal Land too!

Little Paws (Indoors)

If you would like to get away from the heat, you can head down to the indoor petting zoo where you can interact with dogs, cats and rabbits in their separate pens! You can get up close and personal with these adorable critters.

PS: Fun fact, the cats and dogs are all rescues!

There are also tiny critters that you can observe too such as the Degu, which is a small mammal commonly found on the slopes of the Andes Mountains There are also ferrets,

Animal Buddies Plaza

The Animal Buddies Plaza is back in full swing with programmes such as: Meet Our Hooved Friends, Animal Heroes and Dance Your Heart Out! You'll be able to get up and close with the animals here too. For their show times, head down to the Singapore Zoo's website here to find out more!


There are a bunch of family-friendly and kid-friendly amenities that make the experience at KidzWorld easier. We have listed them all down here!

Shower facilities

Remember to shower first if you're heading towards the Splish Splash zone! There are two types of shower facilities that are available for use: Outdoor and Indoor. The outdoor facilities are great for a quick rinse before heading into the pool! They're adorably themed with watering cans and buckets used as 'shower heads'. The ground is also made up of small pebbles to simulate the feeling of showering outdoors.

Nursing and Lactation rooms

If you have young ones or babies with you, there is a large (clean) Nursing room that's available with two beds! It's colourful and air-conditioned as well so you need not worry about the heat bothering your child. There is also a water dispenser and a sink with a mirror in the room too. The nursing room is large enough for multiple parents to come in and use the facilities if need be. Or if a young child needs to tag along, there is enough space without a squeeze. There is also a Family room available as well, with a kid-sized toilet and a changing bed within it too.

Within the nursing room, there are two other rooms that lead to Lactation rooms. If you're still breastfeeding, you need not worry about finding a private space!


There are toilets available within KidzWorld so you don't have to run around looking for one! They're spacious and have great ventilation. It is also aptly themed with wooden barrels acting as sinks and wood panellings covering the walls a well as the mirrors, mimicking a window. There is both, ambient lighting and natural light coming in as well in order to keep the toilet airy.


There are two F&B outlets available at KidzWorld. The KidzWorld cafe and the staple KFC outlet. The KFC outlet is bigger now serving up your usual KFC menu! KFC is halal-certified in Singapore so feel free to grab their iconic chicken as a meal while you're at KidzWorld.

Right next door is the KidzWorld cafe that serves up some snacks and some mains that you can grab! There is also Ben and Jerry's at the cafe as well, similar to the one in the old KidzWorld albeit smaller. However, they are not halal-certified as they serve alcohol in the cafe. Their suppliers are 100% halal-certified, however, we are not able to confirm if alcohol is used in their cooking. We recommend that you dine at your own discretion.