Here’s How You Can Order Khairulaming’s Viral Starbucks Hot Chocolate And Croissant


Farah Fazanna •  Dec 15, 2022

Khairulaming is popular with his short recipe videos and this time, he went viral again for recreating a hot chocolate drink at Starbucks. The hot chocolate and croissant combo is a recreation of what he had during his recent trip to Paris. Want to order the same thing? We’re here to help!

What to order at the Starbucks barista

  1. Order a tall classic hot chocolate with half milk
  2. Add four scoops of dark mocha powder
  3. Add whipped cream on the side
  4. Order a croissant

How to eat the combo

  1. Add the whipped cream to the hot chocolate
  2. Give it a good stir to combine the concoction
  3. Dip the croissant into the drink
  4. Enjoy!

The total bill would be around RM32. Would you be trying this trend? Let us know!