We Tried KFC's Newest Tango Spice Chicken - Here's What We Thought


Ili •  Apr 15, 2021

It’s the first week of Ramadan and we’re pretty sure that many people are already looking for more iftar meal ideas or even post-terawih delights. For those of you who aren’t sure where to begin, why not go for some halal fried chicken? It’s a classic dish that’s best enjoyed with friends and family. Plus, there’s something satisfying about biting into crunchy and juicy fried chicken after a long day of fasting.

The one place that you can always count on for your halal fried chicken fix is KFC - and we’re here to tell you all about their newest release. Say hello to KFC Tango Spice! Fiery, tangy and crispy, prepare yourself for a Finger Lickin’ Good time this Ramadan. We tried the KFC Tango Spice recently and were super impressed by it. Read on to find out more about what we think could be your next favourite thing ?

If you always thought KFC chicken to be irresistible, the KFC Tango Spice will no doubt blow your mind. It’s marinated in spicy chimichurri (a blend of freshly chopped greens mixed with chilli, onions and garlic) then fried to golden perfection before being finished off with a sprinkle of lime and paprika seasoning. This alone should make anyone drool!

Just from one bite, we were pleasantly surprised at the burst of flavours and how well-seasoned the fried chicken was. Not to mention the texture of its crunchy batter that is equally as good as the KFC Hot & Crispy Chicken. And thanks to the combination of amazing ingredients, the addictively spicy taste keeps us craving for more. Spice lovers, you can’t miss out on this! Even our writer, Faruq - who isn’t normally a fan of spicy food, thoroughly enjoyed it ?

Fun fact: The KFC Tango Spice is an Argentinian-inspired dish, which perfectly explains its kick of heat and unique punch of flavour that is unlike any other fried chicken. So what are you waiting for? Dive right into this yummy creation and get ready to experience a #TangoFrenzy from the rush of spicy chilli, tangy lime and crispy chicken!

With 2 pieces of Tango Spice, a regular serving of whipped potato, coleslaw and Sjora Mango Peach, the Tango Spice 2 pcs Meal ($8.95) promises a satisfying meal. Can’t get enough? Go ahead and upgrade to the Tango Spice 2pcs Box for only $10.95 and get an additional two pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders and regular Fries. 

Credit: KFC Singapore

During Ramadan, there are bound to be days that you don’t feel like cooking. Whether you’re planning to focus more on your ibadah or simply taking a breather, we totally understand. That’s why the Tango Spice Sharing Feast ($36.95) will be just what you need for iftar! Great for a family of 4, it comes with 8 pieces of Tango Spice Chicken, 8 pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders, 9 pieces of chicken nuggets and 3 medium servings of whipped potato. Now if that isn’t a hearty meal, we don’t know what is! ?

P.S. The KFC Tango Spice is available for dine-in and takeaway. If you can’t find the time to step out of your house, you can also have it delivered to your doorstep through KFC Delivery. Available for a limited time, time to order in your fiery feast and discover a whole new sensation! ?

Credit: KFC Singapore

With KFC Tango Spice, you’re all set for an enjoyable and delicious meal with loved ones this Ramadan ❤️

Do note that the KFC Tango Spice is available for dine-in and takeaway at all KFC restaurants except KFC Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo. It is also available on KFC Delivery via KFC App or online at kfc.com.sg.

This article was brought to you by KFC Singapore.