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JUST IN: KFC’s Mac N Cheese Is Finally Back In Singapore


 •  Jun 18, 2018


If there's one thing that keeps us going back to KFC other than their chicken, it's their unbeatable cheese sauce? The fast food chain has taken it a step further back in January when they introduced the Mac N Cheese bowl. Unfortunately, many were unable to get their hands on the bowl as it was sold out after a mere few days!
But good news for all you cheese (and chicken!) lovers - KFC's Mac N Cheese is back ? The bowl is filled with macaroni, melted nacho cheese and popcorn chicken.
Credit: @xavierlur on Instagram At just $5, you can savour the bucket paired with hot and crispy chicken tenders and a drink of your choice. Those who have tried it back in January did lament about how small the portion of the food was, so here's wishing that KFC increased the bowl's quantity this time around.
The bowl is only available at selected outlets - check it out here before making your way down to get yours!
Credit: @xavierlur on Twitter And while we're on the topic of cheese, KFC, could you bring back this too? It's sorely missing from the menu?
Credit: KFC on Facebook Will YOU be getting the Mac N Cheese? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to SHARE this post with your cheesy-buddies ?