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KEMBARA: Chef Imran Is Hosting A Halal Private Dining Experience In Singapore With A Special Menu Featuring Nusantara Ingredients


Syahirah •  Sep 23, 2022


Halal private and fine dining is a relatively uncommon topic in Singapore. There aren’t many options for enjoying a Muslim-friendly fine dining experience. One chef is determined to bring forth that concept and make it accessible to everyone (and he means EVERYONE!). Chef Imran is hosting a 9-course halal private fine dining experience as part of HHWT’s first-ever food festival, Together at the Table (TatT), in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board and as a fringe event of Singapore Food Festival. Known for his achievements, experience working in Middle Eastern kitchens, and being awarded the best newcomer award in Omar, here’s what you can look forward to!Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: https://bit.ly/3LnFN1F
Credit: Courtesy of Chef ImranIf you haven’t already heard of Chef Imran, he’s a Singaporean chef who calls himself a ‘culinary nerd’ known for his experience working in the Middle East as well as his bubbly personality 😃 One of the things that set him apart from the others as a chef is that he often organises halal private fine dining dinners for small groups with a constantly evolving menu. The chef shares that he isn’t tied down to one specialisation because he believes there’s more to learn about cooking, ingredients, and various cuisine that he’s yet to experience. 
Credit: Courtesy of Chef ImranInterestingly, Chef Imran had taken a liking to pasta making when Covid was at it’s peak 2 years ago and has become quite the pasta artist! 🤩 He shares that as he continues to master the art of pasta making, he occasionally incorporates his handmade pastas into his private dining menu as a way to surprise his guests (exciting right?). 
Credit: Courtesy of Chef ImranThe private dining experience is called ‘KEMBARA’ which translates to exploration in the Malay language. Chef Imran will be serving Nusantara cuisine, an old Javanese term to explain archipelago. 😊 The dishes that will be served are inspired by ingredients our forefathers used to prepare their typical day-to-day meals like Pucuk Paku (fiddlehead fern), Daun Selum (water celery) and Ikan Todak (swordfish) to name a few!
Credit: Courtesy of Chef ImranChef Imran explains that these ingredients are the foundation of traditional Malay cuisine that has been long forgotten after the introduction of fusion and Western cuisine into our modern diet. He hopes to reignite your hunger for knowledge and learning as he brings you on an exploration (hence the name ‘KEMBARA’) of flavours and textures! 😋
Credit: Courtesy of Chef ImranBut that’s not all! There won’t be just one but three chefs who will be preparing the courses. Chef Imran will be accompanied by Sharmeee and Ilya, who were Masterchef contestants! The three chefs will be challenged to create original dishes using Nusantara-inspired ingredients. To complement the meal, a bartender who has worked with rockstar celebrity chef Gaggan, will be mixing Nusantara-themed mocktails for the night too! 😄
Credit: Courtesy of Chef ImranIf delicious food excites you, here’s your chance to get a taste of traditional Malay food prepared by passionate and renowned chefs! Get in touch with local flavours and enjoy a halal private dining experience like no other. 😁Private Dining by Chef Imran - Together at the Table Date: 20 to 23 October 2022Book your reservations hereInstagram | Facebook