Keio Plaza Hotel’s Luxurious Lounge In Tokyo Is The Ultimate Place To Unwind


Farzana •  Nov 24, 2017

Its probably no secret that Elaine and Suzana adore Tokyo - from metropolitan buildings to high-end shopping malls, the city's brimming with exciting adventures for the modern-day traveller. If you've been following their time in Japan, you know they've just recently made a trip there ? After a long flight, one of their favourite hotels to unwind in is definitely Keio Plaza Hotel! During their latest visit, they were lucky enough to try out the Club Lounge!

They booked a stay at the Premier Grand Twin Suite and were given full access to the lounge. Travellers can also opt for the Club Room Premier Grand suite to enjoy the various facilities the lounge has to offer.

[P.S You can check out Suzana's review on staying in the Club Room Premier Grand and see just how much she loves it!] 

Elaine loves starting out her mornings with a glass of her favourite grape juice ? Sit back and admire the city's stunning backdrop from the Club Lounge, situated on the 45th floor of the tower, where the spectacular view of Tokyo will take your breath away ?

When Elaine and Suzana checked in to their room from the Club Lounge, there weren't any queues at the reception desk, much to their delight. That gives them more shopping time ?

If you're a newlywed and wish to craft the honeymoon of your dreams or if its your first time in the city, you can speak to the friendly concierge. Since there's tons of sightseeing to be done, they're able to help narrow down what you're looking for and even book the tours for you.

You can also hop on the free bus service to Disneyland, which is pretty good news for families with young kids. There's over 50 tour buses that arrive and depart at the hotel daily, so you can leave when everyone's finally ready ?

If you're on a business trip, take advantage of the lavish yet calm setting of the Club Lounge and have your meetings with ease. Elaine absolutely loves the cool and chic interior, as she sits back and takes in the skyscraper views after a long day of meetings. Psst, its her 4th stay in Keio Hotel and she keeps coming back for more ?

Located in Shinjuku, one of the trendiest places in Tokyo, Club Lounge seems as snazzy as the rest of the city's highlights. After an entire day of meetings, Elaine finally found some free time for a good read ?

Opening Hours: 7AM - 10PM


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