JUST IN: Your Favourite Samurai Burger & Shaker Fries Are Returning To McDonald’s SG


Maryam Idris •  Oct 12, 2017

[Updated 24 Jul 2019]

Summon your inner Samurai- McDonald's is bringing back your favourite warrior (along with the popular McDonald’s Shaker Fries!) and you'll need strong willpower to resist it! ?

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Yes- you guessed it right! Say hai once more to the Samurai Burger ($6.10 a la carte) at McDonalds tomorrow (25 Jul 2019) along with its loyal sidekicks- the Seaweed Shaker Fries and the Matcha Mc Flurry!

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

The burger comes in two flavours - chicken and beef- so there's no reason to chicken out from this burger challenge! ?

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Teleport (your tastebuds) to Japan when you upsize your meal for the Seaweed Shaker Fries that'll make you gush, oishii! You can even get the Samurai Special Meal that comes with a single Samurai Burger, Large Seaweed Shaker Fries, and a cup of Heaven & Earth Green Tea for just $8.90! Best of all, the burger and fries are available after breakfast hours at all restaurants island-wide - and you can even order them through McDelivery and GrabFood (while stocks last) if you don't feel like leaving the house to satisfy your cravings. ?

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

If your appetite demands even more, get the Double Samurai Burger ($8.10 a la carte) that comes with not 1, but 2 juicy patties to sink your teeth into! ? Honour your appetite with the Samurai Special (for only $8.80!), which comes with the Seaweed Shaker Fries and Heaven & Earth Green Tea- perfect to satisfy your warrior appetite! ? And to finish off your meal, try out the brand-new Matcha Dip McFlurry! McDonald's classic vanilla soft-serve gets a new twist with crunchy Matcha Dip - from just $3.10! The Matcha Dip McFlurry will be available at all restaurants and dessert kiosks island-wide so tell your supper kakis it's time to get dessert!

Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Not a McFlurry fan? Don't worry, you're not being left out! The popular Matcha soft-serve is making a comeback too! Whether you're having it in a Cone, Twist Cone, ChocoCone, or Sundae - the options are endless! And they start from just $1.10 at every dessert kiosk island-wide! ?

Credit: McDonald's Singapore