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JUST IN: Overrun’s Chendol Ice Cream Is Now In Jurong East!


Shasha Dania •  Jan 21, 2019


[Update 23 Jan 2019: 4Fingers has confirmed with us that the soft-serve is a limited time item, and is not a permanent addition to the menu.]

West-siders, ever had a craving for Overrun’s famous chendol soft-serve but you didn't want to go all the way to Bugis to get it?

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Well 4Fingers at Jem now has you covered ?

Credit: 4Fingers Crispy Chicken on Facebook

That's right! You can now get an 8-ounce cup of chendol soft-serve for just $4. At a fraction of the cost of Overrun's usual treats, this smaller cup feels like the perfect dessert after you’ve had your chicken wings and fries ?

Credit: @freda_krooz on Instagram

For now the ice cream is only available at the Jem branch, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed we’ll be able to get Overrun at the other outlets too ?

Halal Status: Overrun is a 100% Muslim-owned dessert brand, and 4Fingers Crispy Chicken at Jem is Halal-certified.

Opening Hours: 11AM - 10PM daily Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road #01-15A S(608549)