JUST IN: Malaysians, This Is The Nasi Lemak Burger You've Been Waiting For


Santriani Bohari •  Jul 31, 2017

We all know that sinking feeling of missing out when everyone else (except you) can't stop talking about the latest food fad in town, and you haven't even gotten the chance to try it ?

Credit: Giphy

When Singapore introduced the now sold-out Nasi Lemak Burger earlier this month, Malaysians all over united in envy and protest.

But the wait is over: come next week, Malaysians will finally be getting their very own Nasi Lemak Burger! ?  Only one question remains: which one will be the last burger standing?

Last Friday, Malaysian burger joint, myBurgerLab, dropped a bomb by revealing the latest addition to their menu: the Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger. With a mouthwatering name like that, we can't wait to get our hands on it ?

Disclaimer: Do note that myBurgerLab is not halal-certified, however they are Muslim-friendly and they only use halal-certified ingredients. No pork or lard is used in their cooking processes as well. Dine at your own discretion! ?

Credit: @myBurgerLab on Twitter

No further details on myBurgerLab's Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger have been revealed, but it sure looks good!

Photo courtesy of McDonald's Singapore.

And if Singapore's Nasi Lemak Burger came with a golden fried egg, caramelised onions, cucumber slices and the all-important sambal sauce, it seems like the Malaysian version comes with all that AND ikan bilis! ?

You can even pair up your Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang Burger with a side of fries dipped in myBurgerLab's oh-so-yummy salted egg yolk sauce!

Credit: @myburgerlab on Instagram

Say no more: We'd gladly go up to KL just for a taste of this! ?  Stay tuned for the ultimate nasi lemak burger showdown when myBurgerLab releases its burger! ?