JUST IN: First Halal Cheesy Chicken On Hotplate In Singapore


Fatehah •  May 04, 2017

We've got GREAT news for all cheese lovers! Nene Chicken has just launched a 50cm hotplate chicken which features 2 different types of chicken - Nene's signature crispy chicken and stewed chicken along with curly fries, 3 different sauces and the most important part - hot.gooey.cheese!?

Credit: @victoinette on Instagram

Singapore is the only country (so far) to have introduced this to their menu so you'll definitely be one of the first few in the world to try this? Do note however that it is only available at the Nene Chicken outlet at Nex!

Credit: @nenechickensg on Instagram

What are you waiting for? You've got to try this NOW!?