JUST IN: Enjoy Free McDelivery This Malaysia Day


Maryam Idris •  Sep 11, 2017

This Saturday, on 16 September, our Malaysian readers will have more than one reason to smile widely ? Want to know why?

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In celebration of Malaysian Day, there will be free McDonald's delivery in the country ? and the best part of this sweet deal is... there's no minimum charge!!

Here's how you can celebrate the joining together of all the Malaysian states under the colours of the Jalur Gemilang:

1. Have breakfast in bed with Bubur Cakoi

This breakfast set comprising rice porridge, a stick of cakoi (fried Chinese doughnuts) and soy milk is unique to Malaysia! Cool huh ?

Credit: @zatul_amoy on Instagram

Credit: @idhamsyahmi on Instagram

2. Get together with your makan buddies for an epic Macs picnic

Whether you have a craving for the new Burger Syok (ayam)...

Credit: @e.s.t.repeat on Instagram

or the Spicy Korean Burger...

Credit: @asrin.band on Instagram

This is the time to grab your closest pals and feast your hearts out!

3. Take a cheat day from your super-strict diet.

Well, what better way is there to celebrate Malaysia's formation than to lepak and makan, right? ?