You Can Catch Your Own Seafood At This Halal Shellout Spot


Qistina Bumidin •  Jan 21, 2022

Conventional shellout places already have your seafood fix settled, and all laid out for you. At Jom Makan Seafood, however, they’re giving a taste of a ritual us urban people have yet to experience before: catching our own seafood. ?

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Go Fish Your Own Food At Jom Makan Seafood

Credit: Jom Makan Seafood for Facebook

Located at HomeTeamNS Balestier-JOM, this months-old outlet was born out of the pandemic by Madam Zahimah, and her business partner, who is the chef behind this unique place! Madam Zahimah used to frequent her partner’s stall, and found out that COVID-19 had forced him to close down the store. She then suggested having halal live seafood for shellouts, a rare sight in Singapore! ?

So here’s how it works. Go up to the tanks and catch as much seafood as you’d like! Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to catch them. The friendly staff will help! The list is endless: crabs, prawns, the rare yet highly sought for abalone, oysters, and even the king of all crustaceans, lobsters, and more! Okay, we’re not drooling right now, YOU are. ?

Credit: Jom Makan Seafood for Facebook

Afterwards, choose from their list of 10 homemade sauces to pair with your seafood platter. Need some suggestions? Go for their signature sauces: salted egg and chilli sauce. ?

If you love that strong umami flavour, salted egg will definitely be suited to your liking! It also gives a nice pop of colour, for a IG-worthy photo that your followers might be a little jealous of. For those who just love a fiery kick in their food, the chili sauce will be your favourite. It’s messy and spicy, but that’s what makes shellout so uber-delicious. ?

Credit: Jom Makan Seafood for Facebook

Now, it’s time to dig in. There’s no plates at all, so it’s all kampung-style! All of your shellout will be served with a shovel over banana leaves, which is perfect and easy to share with all your family and friends! ?

For carbs, you can choose the chef’s specialty maggi mee goreng, or a variety of other noodles or rice to your liking! It’s go big or go home when it’s time for shellout, so treat yourself to a scrumptious feast. ?

Credit: Jom Makan Seafood for Facebook

You can refer to their menus on what they have to offer! Warning: you’re going to get a whole lot more indecisive on what to eat! ?

Round up your loved ones, or your foodie gang, and jom makan some of the scrumptious, freshest (you’re catching it, remember?) seafood, at Jom Makan Seafood now! ??

Halal Status: Muslim-owned

Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm daily

Address: 31 Ah Hood Road #01-07 S329979 HometeamNS Balestier JOM

Contact: +65 8101 1881


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