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COMING SOON: Philippines’ Famous Fast-Food Chain Is Arriving In MY, Indo And UK


 •  Jul 03, 2018


Calling all chicken lovers! Philippines' famous fast food chain is coming to Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Kingdom, said its CEO 😍 The chain started from a humble ice cream parlour in Quezon City, Philippines but was quickly converted to fast food outlets specializing in Filipino-style fast food restaurant with American-influenced dishes! It's so popular not just among Filipinos but also worldwide that the chain has expanded to Southeast Asia, North America and Europe! And soon, you too would be able to enjoy it☺️ Here's what you can look forward to:
1. Chickenjoy
Credit: Jollibee on Facebook The fried chicken is probably Jollibee's greatest joy! The golden, crispy skin of the chicken coupled with its tender, juicy meat is everything chicken lovers' dreams are made of 🤤 But they did not stop there. The chicken is accompanied by their signature gravy which takes the chicken up a whole notch!
2. Jolly Spaghetti
Credit: Jollibee on Facebook You can choose to pair your meal with rice or their special spaghetti, but we totally recommend you to try the latter! The sauce has a tinge of sweetness which makes the dish nothing like the bologneise spaghetti you might have tried before. Plus their serving of cheese and meatballs are pretty generous!
3. Pinoy BBQ Burger Steak
 Credit: Jollibee on Facebook We know how much you love your steak, so this is a must-try at Jollibee! The chain's burger steak has been a hot favourite and has always been served with mushroom gravy. But we'd gladly welcome a different rendition of the steak 😋 The steak is covered in sweet BBQ sauce and topped with corn kernals - making for a really filling meal when paired with rice.
4. Choco Mallow Pie
Credit: @jollibee on Instagram And don't you miss out on their amazing desserts! Their variety of pies (tuna, peach amongst others) blew us away but there was one which really stole our hearts - the Choco Mallow pie 😍 We absolutely loved how evenly balanced the pie is, with one half of it filled with chocolate and the other with melted marshmallows!
5. Halo-Halo Sundae
Credit: @jollibee on Instagram Say halo to Jollibee's signature sundae, which looks pretty much like the ice-cream version of Ice Kacang, if you ask us 😜 The only difference (other than the ice cream, of course) is that the toppings are at the top! This is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. Have we tempted you to join the Jollibee craze?😉 Well keep your fingers crossed! Most Jollibee outlets around the world are not halal but we're pretty hopeful that the ones in Malaysia and Indonesia (at least!) would be as the outlets in Singapore are all Halal-certified 🤗 Note: We've reached out to Jollibee and are waiting for them to get back to us on the halal status. Stay tuned for updates!