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Have Halal, Will Travel (HHWT) is always on the lookout for freelance writers to join us so we’re glad you’ve decided to click on this page because that is the first step to joining our team ☺️

At HHWT, our mission is to inspire Muslims to see the world. Every single person at HHWT is passionate about making it easier for the Muslim community to travel the world because we believe that travel is a force for peace. If you’re onboard with our mission and can’t wait to help the Muslim community, we would love to have you as part of our team!

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If you:

  • Possess a high level of proficiency in the English Language (both written and spoken)
  • Have excellent writing skills
  • Have a keen eye for images
  • Highly driven and motivated
  • Able to work independently
  • Honest and responsible
  • Have writing experience in personal blogs, articles, social media posts (preferred but not necessary)


Freelances are expected to contribute 2-3 articles per month. Not all the articles you write will be based on your personal travel experiences. There will be times when you’ll need to do research-based articles on places you’ve never travelled to before. But don’t worry, we are more than happy to guide you along 🤗

Here’s what YOU can look forward to:

1. Growing together

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Our freelance writers are an integral part of HHWT! We believe in grooming you and ensuring that you grow with us. With clear guidelines and a 5:1 editor to freelancer ratio, you will definitely receive just the right amount of attention, guidance (and love😉) you need throughout your writing journey ☺️

2. A community

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Our freelancers are our friends! And we can’t possibly just interact with friends behind a screen, can we?😉 That’s why we invite writers to join us for team gatherings because we’re excited to get to know you better. At these gatherings, you will also meet other writers and have the chance to network with people who share the same passion and interests as you!

3. Exclusive Perks

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Have amazing photography skills on top of your writing prowess? Selected writers will receive exclusive invites for media events when you join our team!

4. Exciting Rewards

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We know the amount of dedication and effort our writers put in their articles and we’re introducing exciting remuneration schemes to reward our writers for their passion!

If we’ve nudged a bit of your heart, and intrigued you into joining us – click here to apply. We would love to have you onboard 💕

P.S. All interested applicants will be given a writing test before we decide on the outcome.


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