23 Things You Need To Know For A Quick Trip To JB (From Personal Experience)


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 26, 2022

Now that the SG-MY borders have opened, many of us are rushing across the causeway to get our dose of Malaysian goodness! Be it bazaars, tasty foods, or just enjoying all the vibes that Malaysia has to offer, we Singaporeans truly cannot get enough of our next-door neighbour. But after 2-3 years of not heading over, loads of things have changed. From the prices of accommodations to the bazaar queues, many of us don't know what to expect ? So if you're heading over and looking for tips from those who have already taken that bold step into the unknown, you've come to the right place! Here are 23 things you need to know for a quick trip to JB from those who've recently headed over ?

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Tips For A Quick Trip To JB


The source of much of our enjoyment, bazaars in Malaysia are a coveted experience many Singaporeans crave, especially after a few years of staying away! Check out what HHWT's Tribes members have to say about heading to Malaysia's bazaars this year: 1. You will be spoilt for choices on the Bazaar Ramadan there!! I went to the one at Angsana and they have 50+ stalls. Must-buys include the Satay Kajang and Sup Kambing! And remember to buy early, like before 6 pm. Because after 6 pm, most stalls will have long queues. Many will be sold out, too. You should also check out the longest bazaar in JB at Kampung Melayu! - Farhana 2. If you're looking for Kuih Raya, head to Pasar Larkin! There's a wide range of good homemade cookies and krepek (crackers) too. Oh if you like fresh lekor to fry at home, Pasar Larkin sells fresh lekor too... Both are really good!!- Farhana 3. Angsana Bazaar opens at 3 pm, so you can go early! Loved the food, it was clean and definitely fresh (there were no leftovers from previous days being sold) - Faridah 4. There is a designated eating area with tables and chairs at Angsana Food Bazaar, but you can bring your own mat as well and lay it out on the floor! The eating area will be packed in no time. - Shahira 5. There is also a Food Bazaar at S'mart Pandan. There were so many options and we preferred the food at Pandan! Super delicious, especially the Mee Goreng Basah. - Shahira


Credit: renaissancejohorbahru on Instagram Need a place to stay? These are the spots our Tribes members recommend! 6. If you're staying overnight in JB, try getting an Airbnb instead of a hotel! I stayed at the Mosaic Southkey Residences Airbnb which is nearby Mid Valley Mall and it's very, very affordable at around $100/night for 3 bedrooms with a bathtub and view. There are quite a lot of Airbnbs in JB, so you have to check them out! - Farhana P.S. You could also check out these 8 Johor Bahru hotels less than $110/night (near malls, attractions & bazaars!)


Transportation can get a little tough if you're not familiar with the Malaysian public transport system, or have your own car. Luckily, our Singaporean Tribes members found ways around that! 7. We booked a Starex and a driver to head over and it was super worth it. Comfort and ease the whole way. Highly recommend! - Faridah 8. If you are planning to go to Pandan City, ditch your car and go by Grab to avoid the heavy traffic and crowded parking. If you are wary of your car getting stolen, you can leave it at the hotel and just Grab around easily. - Farhana 9. For those coming with car, make sure you have a valid Touch n Go card, and check the expiry. If there are no credits, there will be officers around to top up for you (they only accept card payments!). - Shahira 10. Make sure your petrol is at least 3/4 before entering, they will check! - Shahira 11. Grab+ is a cheap option, especially when shared between 4 people. And you can use your Grabpay Wallet if you do not have any small change, easy~ - Shahira P.S. This Airbnb Villa In Selangor Is Surrounded By Mountain Ranges (& Has A Private Pool!)


What's a trip to Malaysia without its amazing food? ? 12. If you're going to MidValley Mall, be sure to try Din by Din Tai Fung Dim Sum, Dip N Dip, Hazukido Croissants and soon to be open Chateraise! I love the kuih raya from AEON Tebrau's Hijrah Bites booth. My family and I kept coming back (up to 4 times!) just to buy their kuih. - Farhana 13. Had supper at The Crib Cafe @ Jln Beringin till after midnight, they're open till 3! Good food and good prices! Monster Burger and Tom Yum Soup were the stars of our supper. Plus points: they're located near customs so coming back to Singapore is easy! - Shahira


Because the bazaars just aren't enough - we miss the Malaysian shopping malls, too ? 14. If you want to go to their supermarket, best to bring your own plastic or grocery bags in case, as some supermarkets don't provide plastic bags. Some charge for plastic bags, but some totally don't provide them anymore. - Farhana 15. Angsana Mall is the place to go if you are looking for Baju Raya, you will be spoilt for choices. The entire mall is filled with baju!!! - Shahira P.S. Check out these 8 spots to get your Baju Raya in Malaysia!

MySejahtera App

Singapore has Trace Together, Malaysia has MySejahtera! According to our Tribes members, it might be better to come with both prepared... And more ?

16. There will be people checking the app before entering malls. At IKEA Tebrau for example, the officer will verify that you are fully vaccinated. So they'll ask for your Trace Together to check proof of vaccination. But for some places, you only have to check in and you're good to go. The good thing is the app works for scanning the QR code even if you don’t have data! So you don’t actually need to buy data just to use for the MySejahtera app. - Farhana

17. It will take 5 working days for your vaccination status to load onto the app, so download your vaccination certificate from HealthHub, just in case your vaccination status does not load on your app. Screenshot your TraceTogether too. - Ilyana

18. Screenshot the QR codes on your notarise app and save them on your phone for proof of vaccination! - Hidayah

19. (MySejahtera is) Very easy to use! Make sure you allow camera access to your MySejahtera app (check from phone settings) or else you won't be able to scan. Other than that you're good! - Shahira

Immigration Checkpoints

And of course, we can't get to Malaysia without first passing the causeway! 20. Go super early in the morning to beat the crowds, especially on weekends. Be there at like 10 am. - Shahira 21. Always be ready with your passports and remove your mask (don't wear your mask under your helmet) for faster clearance. - Shahira 22. Always check if they stamped your passport right! (Check if the arrival date is correct) - Shahira

Changing Your Money

To buy all the things we love! ? 23. You can change your currency at B.Point in Malaysia, right after customs clearance. The rates there are higher there than at other places we saw. Otherwise, get your money changed beforehand in Singapore, at Arcade Money Changer (higher rates). - Shahira

And there you have it! All the tips you need to help you enjoy a getaway in Johor ? If you're heading to JB anytime soon, be sure to send this over to your road trip buddies ?