Jetpac Is Circles.Life New Travel Data Plan That Gives You Global Roaming Data, Cashback And More From Just SGD10


Syahirah Mazlan •  Nov 02, 2022

Now that travel is becoming a new norm once more, it’s likely that you’ve already made plans to travel or are thinking about your next big adventure. No doubt, the pandemic has made us more reliant on our mobile phones for looking up information and storing very important travel documents. ? But our phones are rendered useless on our travels unless we have a data plan! Circle’s Life’s new travel data plan, Jetpac, ensures you and your phone are ready for convenient and hassle-free overseas travel!

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Credit: Unsplash

Say goodbye to making pit stops at cafes to ‘borrow’ their wifi or hurrying to return to your accommodation just to use the wifi provided. Circles.Life has a new travel data plan that’s budget-friendly and super attractive for travellers no matter where they are! ? The new travel data plan is called Jetpac, a one-stop subscription for global roaming data. You can also enjoy cashback on hotels, and access to lounges!

Starting from only SGD10 per month, you can choose from two Jetpac plans - Pro Pac (SGD20 per month) or Lite Pac (SGD10 per month). The Pro Pac gives you 20GB global roaming data, with rollover of up to 10GB and access to 1,100+ lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 6 travellers. There’s also a stack up to $240 cashback a year on 500,000+ hotels worldwide! This option plan is catered for families.

The Lite Pac is similar but is suited for couples or solo travellers. ? It offers 3GB global roaming data, with rollover of up to 6GB and gives you unlimited access to 1,100+ lounges in case of flight delay, for up to 2 travellers! 

The best part about Circles.Life’s new Jetpac plan is that you don’t even have to be an active Circles.Life user to enjoy this subscription and benefits! ? You’ll get enough roaming data to explore comfortably, cashback on hotel bookings and even a rollover if you don’t manage to use up all the data which you can save for your next getaway. 

It’s definitely exciting to travel once again, but it’s even better when you get to travel and use your phone with access to the internet (AND get tons of added benefits on top too!). We’re definitely looking forward to travelling even more now after hearing about this new travel data plan. What about you? 

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