A Travel Guide to Jeddah - Food, Sights and Travel Tips


Qistina Bumidin •  Jun 30, 2022

Jeddah is typically known as a getaway to Makkah and Madinah but what many don’t know is that there’s a whole myriad of exhilarating activities and breathtaking sights of grandeur to explore in the city ? Brimming with culture, architecture and authentic Saudi cuisine, it’s a city to add to your travel bucket list! And it couldn’t be easier because Scoot flies to Jeddah three times a week, with fares that start from SGD 442 (one way, tax inclusive) ?

Best Things to Do in Jeddah

1. Marvel at the tallest fountain in the world

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This 30-year-old monument stands majestic at 312 metres in the middle of the Red Sea, and it’s truly an architectural feat! Known as being the tallest fountain in the world, and jetting water over 800 metres, King Fahd Fountain is a much-loved Jeddah landmark ? While the water jet can be seen during the day from many places throughout the city, you’ll marvel at its beauty during sunset and at night, when it is illuminated by hundreds of spotlights ? Afterwards, stroll down the Jeddah Corniche, where you’ll be able to sample different kinds of local food against a breath-taking view.

Address: G48W+727 Meeza International Tourism Services Co. Ltd، Al Andalus, Jeddah 23311, Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: 9am-5pm daily (closed on the weekends)

2. Check out a desert safari tour

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There are many different tours available offering an array of desert activities - from dune-bashing to overnight camping and sandboarding offered by various vendors such as Saudi Arabia Tours, Saudi Safari Tours, My Saudi Tours and more - there’s something exhilarating for everyone. It will surely be an experience to remember ?

3. Do your prayers at a floating mosque 

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The mosque was built at the edge of the Jeddah Corniche, so if you’re nearby, it’s easy to head over to the mosque and do your prayers! During high tide, the incredible Al Rahma Mosque appears to be floating in the Red Sea. At sunrise or sunset, you’ll see light streaming through the stained-glass windows; it’s truly a marvellous sight to see, MashAllah ?

Address: 2420 Corniche Rd, حي الشاطئ، 6826، Jeddah 23613, Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: 24/7

4. Visit Saudi Arabia’s only public aquarium

If you fancy seeing unique marine life native only to Jeddah, head on to Fakieh Aquarium. This aquatic zoo in Jeddah houses over 200 marine species including sharks, stingrays, sea lions, seahorses, and Jeddah’s native species such as the Cassiopea, an upside-down jellyfish and stonefish, the most venomous fish in the world ? After the aquarium tour, pick up a fun souvenir at one of the many retail shops ?

Address: Next to، Al Kurnaysh Rd, Al Nawras، Jeddah 23413, Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs (10am-11pm), Fri (1.30pm-11pm), Sat (1pm-11pm)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Take your kids to thrilling theme parks and circus performances

If your kids (or you, fellow young-at-heart squad ?) are always up for an adventure, Jeddah has got you covered. Check out the late-night Al Shallal Theme Park, which closes at 2 am daily! With thrilling roller-coasters, high-flying carousel swings, arcade games, bowling, ice skating, food stalls and restaurants - the party never stops ? You can also check out Atallah Happy Land, one of the largest amusement parks in Jeddah. Enjoy an active day with your family with thrilling rides, video games, bowling, rock climbing, ice skating, a musical fountain, a 6-D theatre and plenty of food choices.

Looking to dial up the fun? Step into an African safari at Jungle Land Theme Park (Mersal Village), one of Jeddah’s premier entertainment venues. Enjoy thrilling circus performances and a variety of amusement park rides.  Better still, it’s only a 10-minute drive away from the airport! 

Al Shallal Theme Park

Address: Al Kurnaysh Rd, Jeddah 21312 Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: 4.30pm-2am daily

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Atallah Happy Land

Address: Al Kurnaysh Rd, Ash Shati, Jeddah 23611

Opening hours: Sat-Wed (5pm-12am); Thurs-Fri (5pm-1.30am)


Mersal Village

Address: M6XM+7VX, Umm Hablain, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: Sat-Wed (5pm-11pm); Thurs-Fri (5pm-1am)

6. Get your bags ready for a shopping spree

Credit: Friemann / Shutterstock

If you’ve been to the Middle East, you’ll know that it’s a paradise for shopaholics, and Jeddah is no exception! You can check out Mall of Arabia, which is located just 10 minutes away from the King Abdulaziz International Airport. With three floors and hundreds of stores like Zara, Nike, Coach and more to choose from, it’s easy to lose yourself in a wide variety of brands and designs ? There’s even a giant food court on the ground floor, with a vast mix of Saudi Arabian and international cafes and restaurants if you’re feeling peckish ?

If you have a little more time to spare, you can check out another popular shopping spot - the Red Sea Mall. Apart from the endless list of local and international shops and restaurants, the mall is also home to the world’s largest indoor fountain, a cinema with 12 screens, a supermarket, and an arcade ? It’s hard to get bored because there’s something for people of all ages here! ?

P.S. If you prefer to shop for hard-to-miss souvenirs and handmade goods, head over to any of Jeddah’s cultural souks such as Souq Al Badu‎, Souq Qabil, and more! 

Mall Of Arabia

Address: Nuzhah District, King Fahd Rd, Al-Nuzhah Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 23532

Opening hours: 10am-2am (Mon-Thurs, Sat-Sun), 2pm-2am (Fri)

Facebook | Instagram

Red Sea Mall

Address: N. King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Opening hours: 10am-1am (Sat-Thurs), 1pm-1am (Fri)

Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Soak in some culture 

Strolling through the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum on Islamic heritage, the Jeddah Sculpture Museum filled with impressive art, and Nesma Art with its abstract art pieces would be an eye-opening way to immerse yourself in Jeddah’s culture ?

Best Food In Jeddah

Fortunately for us Muslims, you don’t have to fret about trying to find Halal food since everything is Halal ? You can simply pop by any cafe, restaurant or food stall and have a quick bite or a large meal! Here are five dining options to suit a myriad of palettes ?

1. Al Romansiah

Arguably the most popular restaurant chain that offers traditional, Saudi Arabian food to the masses, Al Romansiah uses only the freshest of ingredients to bring you the flavours that hit just the right spot ? Chicken is the speciality here, with their mandi and madfoon (the meat is wrapped in aluminium foil, and buried in an underground hole in the sand, where it is surrounded by charcoal) dishes being especially pleasing on the palate ?

2. Twina

If you’re craving seafood, Twina is the go-to place that locals love! From sayadiah (seasoned fish and rice dish from Syrian cuisine/Lebanese cuisine, made with cumin and other spices), prawns, crabs and more their dishes are prepared using the finest local fish from the Red Sea ?


3. Hashi Basha

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then Hashi Basha’s Camel Kabsa should be on your foodie list. This homegrown chain of restaurants is well known for their unpretentious Saudi cuisine, so you can expect an authentic meal experience ?


4. Khayal

Touted as the best Turkish food in town, Khayal is simply a meat-lovers paradise. From entrees such as a mixed plate of kibbeh (Turkish stuffed meatballs) and sambusek (fried samosa) using Saudi ingredients, to their grilled awsal (in either chicken or lamb), and the homemade Khayal kunafa, you might have to start loosening your belt at the end of the meal ?

Website | Instagram

5. Ful 21

Serving traditional Saudi cuisine with a contemporary twist, Ful 21 is simply the hippest spot to check out! Halloumi Cheese Pie, Lamb Liver and more - it’s enough to make us drool ?


Tips when travelling to Jeddah 

Before heading to any country, you should familiarise yourself with the locals’ customs and rules. Here’s what you should know about Jeddah ?

1. Pack the right clothing

While women do not need to wear the headscarf in public, and abayas are no longer necessary, do dress conservatively! If you’re heading to any mosques, keep an abaya in your bag. Men should refrain from wearing anything made of silk or with gold colouring, as both are considered inappropriate for males.

2. Choose your travel dates wisely

During summer, Jeddah experiences scorching temperatures (as high as 40 degrees!), while you can experience cooling temperatures of around 20 degrees during the winter months ❄️ There are even festivals such as Jeddah Summer Festival (June/July) where you can check out art exhibitions, spectacular fireworks displays, food and craft markets and more, or Ramadan to consider as well, so choose the best time to visit according to your itinerary! Head on to Scoot’s Jeddah flight schedule here, to choose the best timing suited to you ?

3. Get the best deals with airlines which offer greater rewards

To get the most value, fly with Scoot, for a safe and rewarding travel experience, with its world-class frequent flyer programme, KrisFlyer, which was recently enhanced and allows customers to upgrade faster and unlock higher membership tiers and rewards sooner. These rewards extend well after your flights too, as you may utilise your miles on amyriad of travel experiences, orpurchase lifestyle items online at your convenience, so jump on it!

4. Don’t forget to apply for a visa 

International travellers, including those from Singapore, must apply for a tourist visa at least two weeks prior to their departure. The Saudi Tourism’s website is the only accepted platform to sign up for your tourist visa. If this is your first flight out in a while, give yourself a head start and start collating all the necessary documents!! For ease of mind, check out Scoot’s handy guide right here

As for entry requirements, non-residents of Saudi Arabia will have to be fully vaccinated and fill out the registration immunisation information form in addition to being medically insured for the cost of COVID-19 treatment. Look out for the most updated information here

5. Be respectful to authorities

It’s a good idea to carry identification with you while travelling in Jeddah, and as in any country, it is equally as important to be respectful to police officers and government officials if they ask to see your passport or visa.

Jeddah is truly a city of limit-defying architecture and thrilling opportunities for adventure and now that travel has returned, it’s time to once again explore unique destinations and gain amazing experiences! With Scoot bringing you closer to 72 favourite and untouched destinations such as Jeddah, coupled with promotions from time to time which can be found here as well as on Instagram or Facebook, travel has never been this good!

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