We can’t quite put into words how beautiful Japan looks during autumn with the fall foliage but we can promise you that it’ll definitely be an experience you’ll want to have at least once in your lifetime! And if you’re already planning for your trip in autumn this year, check out the projected forecast for autumn foliage this year! 😁

The forecasted period for autumn leaves starts as early as late September in Hokkaido and ends in early December in Osaka, which gives you some time to start planning your Japan autumn adventure 😉

Disclaimer: these dates are an estimation based on last year’s forecast.

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Take me to Tokyo!

Kyoto is one of the cities in Japan you have to visit to catch the breathtaking autumn foliage!

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Credit: junaidrao on flickr

…and Mount Fuji looks even more majestic crowned by autumn’s golden hues 🍂

If you’re thinking of travelling around Japan, here’s a quick map to guide your route so that you can catch the autumn foliage in all the different regions!

Credit: kyuhoshi

We’ll also be updating once this year’s estimated dates are released so do keep a look out for that!

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