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This Japanese Woman Makes Beautiful Hijabs Out Of Antique Kimonos


Qistina Roslan •  Jan 04, 2024

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Xiaxia Hijab's is the brainchild of Kaori-san, a Japanese woman who started her company to create jobs for mothers and introduced a new product that was influenced by Japanese society. She got the idea from her travels when she was a student to Kelantan, Malaysia. She realised that it was a huge untapped market which she could add her own unique spin on it. Kaori-san was also inspired by Malaysia and Indonesia's movement to preserve their own traditional fabrics (batik in this case). Kimonos and other traditional Japanese garbs have decreased and the fixed nature of the kimono makes it hard to consistently wear it out. So, combining the two celebrates the history of the kimono as well as making it convenient for others to wear it in other ways.

The hijabs are made from antique kimonos, where the designs are incorporated with chiffon (a common fabric for hijabs). They'll be paired based on how close the colours are in order to provide a seamless look.

They not only have hijabs but also brooches too! They're made from the same kimono fabric and will pair delightfully with their shawls. Or grab their tote bags which are beautiful and show off the distinctive Japanese traits and traditional designs. The company is aware of Muslims not wanting to convey idolatry hence the fabrics they chose from the kimonos are always specially curated with that in mind! It's a thoughtful gesture that shows how deeply Kaori-san has put into this.

You can now grab their hijabs here at the Harajuku Visitor Centre! Or browse through their website here to look through their whole collection and order too! They do have physical stores at Machitena Nishi Tokyo (permanent) at Tanashi, Tokyo (Seibu-Shinjuku line)

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