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Japan Hit By Landslides And Floods - Here's What You Need To Know


Maryam Zainol •  Jul 09, 2018


Over the weekend, news and social media platforms have been blowing up over the recent landslides and flooding in southwest Japan that has affected at least 10 areas ? Dampened by days of unexpected torrential rain, this has been the deadliest rain-related crisis since 2014. Sadly, it has costed scores of lives and major damages that would take months of repairs and recovery ? If you're planning to visit any of the affected areas, here are 3 things you should know:
1. Where are the affected areas?
The cities and towns in these 12 prefectures have been ravaged by landslides and floods - Hiroshima, Ehime, Gifu, Okayama, Kochi, Saga, Yamanashi, Kyoto, Yamaguchi, Okayama, Kagoshima, Shiga, Hyogo and Fukuoka prefectures. Southwest Japan was hit with torrential rain that started late last week which also caused mudslides, damages to hundreds of homes and vehicles, railway services disruptions, road closures and delayed and cancelled flights. ? Some of the flights that are delayed and cancelled are to Fukuoka AirportHiroshima AirportKansai International AirportOsaka International Airport (Itami)Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) and Narita International Airport. You can also find more details on the affected railway services here - JR KyushuJR WestJR Tokai and JR East.
Credit: @aoi_saka401 on Instagram
2. What are the updates so far?
Unfortunately, more than 90 people have been found dead and numbers are expected to rise, while dozens more are still missing. Most of the deaths reported occurred in Hiroshima prefecture due to the relentless downpour since last Thursday. ? As the typhoon season is just about to begin, most of Japan are now advised on oncoming heavy rain and thunderstorm (in the North) plus landslide and flood cautions (in the southwest). According to BBC, authorities said that about 1.5 million people have been ordered to leave their homes and 3 million more are advised to do so. Currently, Japan's Fire and Disaster Management Agency alongside uniformed services are executing a risky search-and-rescue efforts in the affected areas. ?
Credit: @kanpaimasters on Instagram
3. Where to get updates on the area you're travelling to?
It's always better to be safe than sorry. We're looking at months of repair work due to the major damages to the infrastructure ? So look out for updates from the various local agencies and news media. To ensure your safety and ease for a fulfilling visit to Japan, here are some useful sites that could help you plan your holiday:
When in doubt, you could always set Google Alerts for any news updates on the area you're travelling to. Also, be sure to follow updates on the in-bound airport, highways, public transportation services, attractions opening hours and accommodations as these will also be affected by the recent disaster. We hope that you stay vigilant and safe travels!