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12 Islamic Online Lectures And Podcasts To Listen To This Ramadan


Shahida •  Apr 28, 2020


With busy lives and schedules, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time and we forget that in life, it’s the quality of how we spend our time that matters. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has forced many of us to stay at home, and with the extra time we have in our hands, there’s no better time to seek knowledge to be a better Muslim. We’ve rounded some of the best Islamic online lectures and podcasts that specifically cater to Muslim audiences that you can listen to even while working from home.
1. Ilmfeed
Based in East London, Ilmfeed was launched in 2014 with the mission “to cure ignorance through knowledge”. Their focus is to publish informative articles about Islamic history, inspiring Muslim personalities, mosques all around the world and inspirational stories to spread positivity about Islam. Ilmfeed’s podcast series is led and hosted by Shabbir Hassan, an Imam, TV presenter and poet, who graduated from London’s Ebrahim College.Language: English Where to listen:iTunes | Spotify | Google Podcast | PlayerFM | YouTubeWebsite | Instagram | Facebook
2. Kuliah Tafsir
Credit: Darul Makmur Mosque on FacebookKuliah Tafsir is a weekly live streaming session held every Sunday at Masjid Darul Makmur by Ustaz Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram. The Singapore Mufti will interpret Quranic verses in a comprehensive way and provide an insightful explanation of the relevance of these verses in the modern world to help us reflect ourselves and connect with Allah SWT better in our daily lives.Language: Malay Where to listen:Spotify | Buzzsprout | YouTubeFacebook
3. Kuliah Subuh
Credit: Masjid Yusof Ishak on FacebookIf you’re an early bird, make sure to tune in to this morning lecture by Ustaz Fatris Bakaram every Saturday. His Kuliah Subuh focuses on the methods of understanding and the practice of Al-Quran. This weekly lecture is streamed live from Masjid Yusof Ishak after fajr prayer via Facebook. Missed this week’s broadcast? Thankfully, the mosque management team has made the past videos available on their Facebook page, so you can catch up on the old ones!Language: Malay Where to listen:Facebook
4. Notes from Nurhdyhaz
Besides actively sharing her daily reflections videos on YouTube and her Instagram, Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman from Singapore’s Asatizah Youth Network also releases podcast episodes that cover various topics relating to faith, inspiration and life on a weekly basis. You’ll find Ustazah Hidayah’s podcast episodes very easy to relate to since she discusses regular issues that we face in our daily life like adulting, handling bad news and friendships!Language: English Where to listen:iTunes | SpotifyInstagram | Twitter
5. The Good Life Podcast
What does it mean to have a good life? Asatizah Youth Network’s Ustaz Mizi Wahid and Nur Adam share inspiring stories not just from great figures, but also everyday heroes that we might actually encounter in our lives as well. The Good Life Podcast aims to empower fellow Muslims to have a resolute and meaningful life through their uplifting discussions.Language: English Where to listen:iTunes | Spotify | Overcast | RadioPublicInstagram | Facebook
6. The Muslim Life Hackers
Credit: Muslim Life Hackers on FacebookThe Muslim Life Hackers is helmed by three hosts, Mifrah Mahroof, Maheen Malik, and Hidayah Yuswirahim. Focusing on real life topics, these powerhouse Muslim women wish to help us improve our physical and spiritual connection to Islam through the things we do in our everyday life, like waking up for fajr and performing solat on time, so that we can refine and better ourselves as Muslims.Language: English Where to listen:Website | iTunes | SpotifyWebsite | Facebook | Twitter
7. Cakap Masjid
Credit: SpotifyCakap Masjid is hosted by Shahida Sarhid, a vivacious correspondent from Berita Harian. This weekly podcast discusses socioreligious issues in our community and relatable topics in a candid and laid back manner. Cakap Masjid invites a different ustaz or ustazah for each episode for an honest discussion regarding topics that are close to modern Muslims’ hearts, like marriage & divorce and solat jama’ & qasar.Language: Malay Where to listen:Spotify | Omny.fm
8. Salam Girl!
Bubbly and energetic hosts Nicole Queen and Monica Traverzo bring forth a fresh and lively podcast series that targets the female Muslim audience. Both girls are American converts to Islam based in Dallas, Texas who wish to empower Muslim women through their content. In their podcast series, they discuss real concerns that young Muslimahs face everyday and share personal stories and tips like styling hijabs and Instagram influencers.Language: English Where to listen:Website | iTunes | PlayerFM | PodbeanWebsite | Instagram | Facebook
9. A Muslim Mom
Farhat Amin wanted to have a platform where Muslim moms can share aspects of their lives with the others and all kinds of experiences that fellow moms can learn from and find comfort in. Through her podcast series which covers topics like work-life balancing and feminism, this proud mother of three wishes to help Muslim moms navigate parenting in the modern world and hopes to help them understand their Islamic identity.Language: English Where to listen:Website | iTunes | Spotify | YouTubeWebsite | Instagram
10. The Aida Azlin Show
You may know Aida Azlin from her popular “Tuesday Love Letters” or her fun YouTube videos. She introduces herself as a writer who loves to talk. True to her words, she launched a podcast series just early this year! The Aida Azlin Show is fashioned as talk show where she speaks to influential Muslim figures about their personal experiences and share advice about navigating life as a Muslim millennials.Language: English Where to listen:SpotifyWebsite | Instagram | YouTube
11. Be Unshakeable with Aiman Azlan
A renowned motivational speaker and youth mentor in Malaysia, Aiman Azlan’s goal is to help the youth to become the best version of themselves through building unshakeable confidence. His humble beginnings began with his motivational YouTube vlogs. Aiman Azlan’s podcast series is an expansion of his book “Unshakeable: How to Be Confident When You’re Nervous” and covers various topics like depression and dealing with a toxic environment.Language: English Where to listen:SpotifyInstagram | FacebookThanks to technology, now we don’t even have to leave our room to listen to kuliah. Since most of us have extra time on our hands now, let’s use this opportunity to grow and better ourselves as Muslims.