Is Sopoong Halal?


Farah Fazanna •  Oct 09, 2023

Sopoong is a restaurant serving a variety of authentic Korean cuisine such as dolsot bibimbap, haemul (seafood) bibimbap, and the mouthwatering chicken bulgogi dolsot bibimbap.

They also has a range of meat and rice combos, like the tantalising chicken bulgogi, dakgalbi, and the soul-warming samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup). The restaurant serve these in charming earthenware pots so you'll feel like you're living your best Korean drama!

Apart from rice dishes, Sopoong has a fantastic selection of Korean noodle dishes, like the comforting Mandu Guk (Dumpling soup with noodles) and the exquisite Japchae. There's also Eomuk (Fishcake) Udon, Haemul (seafood) Udon, not to mention the mouthwatering Bokkeum Udon (Stir-fried Udon with veggies) and Kimchi Udon.

And if you're in the mood for a quick fix, don't miss their delicious Korean instant noodles, featuring Kimchi Ramyeon, cheese ramyeon, curry ramyeon, Rice cake ramyeon, chicken ramyeon, and mandu ramyeon.

So, is Sopoong halal?

Sopoong used to have a halal certificate from Jakim in 2021. However, they have not renewed their halal status. Do note that they don't serve lard, pork and alcohol. The ingredients too are sourced from halal-certified suppliers. So we recommend you dine at your own discretion.

Address and opening hours: They have outlets nationwide. Check out their Facebook for more information.

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