Is Ritter Sport Chocolate Halal?


Noor Aishah Karim •  Aug 14, 2023

Ever heard of Ritter Sport Chocolates? Be it in convenience stores or even supermarkets, you see them all around and in all different flavours! Ever wondered if it was halal? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Ritter Sport Chocolates?

Ritter Sport is a well-known brand of chocolate that originates from Germany. It's known for its distinctive square-shaped chocolate bars, divided into smaller, bite-sized squares within the larger bar. Ritter Sport offers various flavours, from classic milk and dark chocolate to more unique and creative combinations, such as hazelnuts, marzipan, yoghurt, and even exotic options like coconut or cornflakes.

So Is Ritter Sport Chocolates Halal?

There are two main types of vegan chocolate: dark chocolate and chocolate made with plant milk such as rice, coconut or almond milk instead of cow’s milk for a rich, creamy taste. Some are even halal, and you can check them out here!

The ones on that list are halal-certified by the German Authorities! For thise who are not certified, some chocolates may contain alcohol, so do check the ingredients and labels before purchasing, and we suggest eating at your discretion!

Halal Status: Some are halal-certified by German authorities!