This Kombucha Drink From SG Might Just Be Halal


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 24, 2021

Many might believe this otherwise, certain brands of Kombucha might just be halal despite the (minimal) alcohol content! Be careful where you must, but there's a brand in Singapore that claims to serve halal Kombucha, and they might just be right about that. Read on more to find out what this brand says about its very own halal Kombucha.

Singapore's Halal Kombucha

What Is Kombucha?

A fermented drink filled with a variety of nature probiotics, beneficial acids, anti-oxidants and organic enzymes, many celebrate Kombucha for its health benefits. Made from fermented black tea, it's a powerful tool for detoxification and weight loss. It's also known to help strengthen your immune system, aid digestion, boost energy levels and aid allergy relief!

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Credit: GetYocha on Facebook

This is because Kombucha targets the gut - and since 80% of our immune system is affected by the gut, it's important to ensure our gut is strong at working at optimum levels!

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Yocha Kombucha

100% natural, Singapore's very own Yocha Kombucha has no preservatives, colourings or chemicals. Instead, it's filled with beneficial nutrition and probiotics, helping you support your body and resolve many ailments.

Credit: GetYocha on Facebook

And they claim to be halal! There's a very small amount of alcohol in Yocha kombucha - only 0.2%. That's because any trace of alcohol that can be found in their kombucha is a result of natural fermentation. Similar to the way yoghurt, tempeh and kimchi are good to eat despite the fermentation process that occurs, kombucha could be good to consume!

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Credit: GetYocha on Facebook

Should you choose to consume this, you can pick from 6 different flavours: Lavender, Strawberry & Mint, Lemon & Mint, and more! Each flavour even helps with a specific ailment - like stress, or your immunee system. Check out their Facebook page to find out more about their halal-status and flavours of Kombucha available.

Unfortunately, we might still have to exercise some caution. Yocha Kombucha has not been halal-certified by MUIS just yet ?Nevertheless, it's definitely still something worth looking into!